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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2012Antioxidant, antimicrobial and wound healing activities of Boesenbergia rotundaJitvaropas,R.; Saenthaweesuk,S.; Somparn,N.; Thuppia,A.; Sireeratawong,S.; Phoolcharoen,W.
1-Jan-2014Sawtehtetronenin from goniothalamus sawtehii and its cytotoxicityThiplueang,C.; Punyanitya,S.; Banjerdpongchai,R.; Wudtiwai,B.; Udomputtimekakul,P.; Buayairaksa,M.; Nuntasaen,N.; Pompimon,W.
13-Mar-2015Investigation of anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and antipyretic activities of Stahlianthus involucratus rhizome ethanol extractPingsusaen,P.; Kunanusorn,P.; Khonsung,P.; Chiranthanut,N.; Panthong,A.; Rujjanawate,C.
3-Oct-2014Exploratory meta-analysis on lisdexamfetamine versus placebo in adult ADHDManeeton,N.; Maneeton,B.; Suttajit,S.; Reungyos,J.; Srisurapanont,M.; Martin,S.D.
1-Jan-2014Roles of Obese-Insulin Resistance and Anti-Diabetic Drugs on the Heart with Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryApaijai,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.; Chattipakorn,N.
1-Jan-2015Reversal of human multi-drug resistance leukaemic cells by stemofoline derivatives via inhibition of p-glycoprotein functionUmsumarng,S.; Pitchakarn,P.; Sastraruji,K.; Yodkeeree,S.; Ung,A.; Pyne,S.G.; Limtrakul,P.N.
1-Sep-2013Evaluation of hepatic antioxidant capacities of Spirogyra neglecta (Hassall) K├╝tzing in ratsThumvijit,T.; Thuschana,W.; Amornlerdpison,D.; Peerapornpisal,Y.; Wongpoomchai,R.
16-Aug-2014Microbiology, resistance patterns, and risk factors of mortality in ventilator-associated bacterial pneumonia in a Northern Thai tertiary-care university based general surgical intensive care unitChittawatanarat,K.; Jaipakdee,W.; Chotirosniramit,N.; Chandacham,K.; Jirapongcharoenlap,T.
1-Sep-2014Hepatotoxicity in a 52-week randomized trial of short-term versus long-term treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone in HIV-negative injection opioid users in China and ThailandLucas G.; Young A.; Donnell D.; Richardson P.; Aramrattana A.; Shao Y.; Ruan Y.; Liu W.; Fu L.; Ma J.; Celentano D.; Metzger D.; Jackson J.; Burns D.
1-May-2015Characterisation of a novel oral iron chelator: 1-(N-Acetyl-6-Aminohexyl)-3-Hydroxy-2-Methylpyridin-4-onePangjit K.; Pangjit K.; Banjerdpongchai R.; Phisalaphong C.; Fucharoen S.; Xie Y.; Lu Z.; Hider R.; Srichairatanakool S.