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Title: Psychology in medical settings in Thailand
Authors: Tapanya S.
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: This article explores the development of psychology as a profession in Thailand, its challenges, and future trends. There are currently very few Thai psychologists who are active in the medical fields in comparison to other health care professions. Being held back by limited education and training, many psychologists see their future career as less than promising. The lack of professional licensing standards and dominance of psychiatry further limit their career advancement. However, tremendous opportunities await those who persevere to expand their roles beyond the traditional assessment, treatment, and research models. A small number of them have ventured out into unexplored territories such as behavioral medicine, AIDS counseling, health promotion, and prevention of mental health problems. There is a strong potential for Thai psychologists to make significant contributions in these areas. It is clear that higher standards of education and more rigorous training are needed if this goal is to be realized in the near future.
ISSN: 10689583
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