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Title: Integrated knowledge management system based mentoring for new university staff development
Authors: Srivichai,P.
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Abstract: This paper presents a project that focuses on the conceptual framework of a system which combines a knowledge management system (KMS) and mentoring process to develop the professional skills of new university staff to advance in their career. Data collection involved interviewing academic staff in both a newly created university (Rajabhat Suan Dusit) and a well-established university (Chiang Mai University). Results from this project demonstrate an integrated approach to staff development, which combines a Knowledge Management System and mentoring program. The KMS contains users, content, and activities and within the system, staff are matched with mentors who are accepted as experts and have attained a wide range of knowledge, and information, as well as being experienced in activities relying on multiple techniques such as mentoring, training, coaching, and counseling for professional development. Furthermore, the initial model is justifiably a beneficial tool for developing staff in educational organizations, mainly as it develops new staff in a shorter timeframe when compared with existing training processes and has potential to help solve the problem of replacing retired staff. However, in the drive toward achieving success, this paper notes that the system should be appropriately designed to include users' needs including ease of access and should utilize coordinators to facilitate the system, and encourage effective working relationships among all staff. © 2011 IEEE.
ISSN: 21570981
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