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Title: Development of active chitosan films incorporating potassium sorbate or vanillin to extend the shelf life of butter cake
Authors: Sangsuwan,J.
Keywords: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Food Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Abstract: © 2014 Institute of Food Science and Technology. Active film from chitosan was developed by adding potassium sorbate or vanillin as antimicrobial agents. The addition of potassium sorbate in the film's formula resulted in less transparency, lower strength, water permeability, while increased flexibility and oxygen permeability. Addition of vanillin in film resulted in more yellow of film colour, lower film's strength and permeability. After that, all films were used to wrap around butter cake. The inhibitory effect of film against mould was studied using commercial stretch film as control. Mould was observed on cake wrapped by stretch film and chitosan film on day 4 and 7, respectively, while mould was not observed on cake wrapped by chitosan film containing potassium sorbate or vanillin during 8-day storage which agreed with the amount of mould enumeration on PDA. The quality of cake during storage at room temperature was also studied. Cake wrapped with film containing vanillin became more yellow. The sensory of all cake treatments were acceptable.
ISSN: 09505423
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