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Title: Acoustic and electrical properties of 1-3 connectivity bismuth sodium titanate-Portland cement composites
Authors: Rianyoi,R.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science (all)
Mechanics of Materials
Condensed Matter Physics
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: Elsevier Limited
Abstract: © 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd. In this study, bismuth sodium titanate (BNT)-Portland cement (PC) composites with 1-3 connectivity pattern were fabricated by the dice-and-fill technique with different BNT ceramic content ranging from 30 to 70 vol%. The acoustic impedance (Zc) and electrical properties of the composites were studied. When the BNT content varies from 30 to 70 vol%, Zcvalue increases from 8.95 to 14.79 × 106kg/m2s. At BNT ceramic content of 70 vol%, dielectric constant (εr), electromechanical coupling coefficients (Kt) and piezoelectric coefficient (d33) are 346, 21.28% and 70 pC/N, respectively. Interestingly, the piezoelectric voltage coefficient (g33) values exhibited an opposite trend, that is, the g33value decreases as the BNT content increases. Therefore, 1-3 connectivity of bismuth sodium titanate-Portland cement composites can be tailored by adjusting the piezoelectric ceramic content in composite; the developed composites have potential to be used as sensors for structural health monitoring applications in smart structures.
ISSN: 00255408
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