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Title: Carbopol®-guar gum gel as a vehicle for topical gel formulation of pectin beads loaded with rutin
Authors: Jantrawut,P.
Keywords: Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmacology (medical)
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
Abstract: © 2014 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. All rights reserved. Objective: The aim of this study was to develop suitable pharmaceutical gel formulations of pectin beads using semisynthetic celluloses or synthetic carbomers as a gelling agent. Materials and Methods: Low methoxyl pectin (LMP) beads loaded with rutin composing 3% non-amidated LMP, 15% sorbitol and 1% sodium bicarbonate with 2% w/v of rutin were prepared, characterized, incorporated in various pharmaceutical gel bases and evaluated for rabbit skin irritation by close patch test. Results: Rutin wetted bead formulation which showed spherical shape (around 700 μm), high rutin encapsulation efficiencies (82.02±0.91%), low conductivity (900 μS at 30 minutes) and faster rutin release (more than 80% in 30 minutes) was selected to incorporate in gel. The wetted rutin beads exhibited good stability (beads suspended in gel without breaking or gel color changing) in the gel composed of 0.4% w/v Carbopol® Ultrez 21 with 0.04% w/v guar gum at pH 5.0. Conclusion: Rutin wetted beads in developed pharmaceutical gel formulation showed higher percentages of rutin remaining when stored at room temperature (27±2°C) than non-loaded rutin of about 1.53 times and gave no irritation in rabbit skin irritation test, however, the safety on human skin applications should be confirmed.
ISSN: 09742441
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