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Title: Nickel - Induced oral pemphigus vulgaris - Like lesions | Oralne lezije nalik pemphigusu vulgarisu prouzročene niklom
Authors: Thongprasom K.
Suvanpiyasiri C.
Wongsa A.
Iamaroon A.
Korkij W.
Lohwongwatana B.
Sinpitaksakul S.
Nakpipat P.
Keywords: Dentistry (all)
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: University of Zagreb
Abstract: So far, only a single case of nickel-induced pemphigus has been reported in the literature. We present a case of a 49-year-old male who had experienced a desquamative gingivitis on the anterior mandibular region which was in contact with porcelain crowns and bridges and severe ulcerations on the right and left buccal mucosa. The lesions did not respond to any medications for a year. After removal of those crowns and bridges with the treatment of potent topical steroids, the lesions responded dramatically. The dental alloy used as the core of crowns and bridges was further investigated using metallurgy techniques. The results showed that the dental alloy mainly contained nickel. Histopathologic and direct immunofluorescence evaluations confirmed a diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris. We concluded that the patient had experienced nickel-induced pemphigus vulgaris-like lesions on the oral mucosa.
ISSN: 00017019
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