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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2019Crystal structures and Hirshfeld surface analysis of transition-metal complexes of 1,3-azolecarboxylic acidsNatthaya Meundaeng; Timothy John Prior; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Oct-2019Diversity in framework architecture of lanthanide-2,5-pyridinedicarboxylate-sulfate coordination polymersM. Sinchow; Thammanoon Chuasaard; Bunlawee Yotnoi; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2019Crystal structure of (1,3-thiazole-2-carboxylato-κ N)(1,3-thiazole-2-carboxylic acid-κ N)silver(I)Natthaya Meundaeng; Apinpus Rujiwatra; Timothy J. Prior
15-May-2019Colorimetric analysis: A new strategy to improve ratiometric temperature sensing performance of lanthanide benzenedicarboxylatesKitt Panyarat; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Apinpus Rujiwatra
2-Mar-2020Gas Adsorption, Proton Conductivity, and Sensing Potential of a Nanoporous Gadolinium Coordination FrameworkSupaphorn Thammakan; Pattaraphon Rodlamul; Natthawat Semakul; Nobuto Yoshinari; Takumi Konno; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Apinpus Rujiwatra
24-Jan-2020Crystal structures and photoluminescent properties of highly disordering lanthanide-2,5-pyridinedicarboxylate frameworksBunlawee Yotnoi; Malee Sinchow; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2020Crystal structures and temperature-dependent photoluminescence of lanthanide coordination frameworks of mixed-benzenedicarboxylatesThammanoon Chuasaard; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2020Terbium metal organic framework: Microwave synthesis and selective sensing of nitritePimchanok Tapangpan; Kitt Panyarat; Chaiyos Chankaew; Kate Grudpan; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Dec-2019Organically pillared layer framework of [Eu(NH<inf>2</inf>-BDC)(ox)(H<inf>3</inf>O)]Supaphorn Thammakan; Kitt Panyarat; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Mar-2021Silver-miang nanocomposites: A green, rapid and simple approach for selective determination of nitrite in water and meat samplesWeerinradah Tapala; Chaiyos Chankaew; Kate Grudpan; Apinpus Rujiwatra