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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018Ultrasound assisted extraction of anthocyanins and total phenolic compounds from dried cob of purple waxy corn using response surface methodologyRattana Muangrat; Israpong Pongsirikul; Paula H. Blanco
1-Feb-2018Experimental and computational investigation of mixing with contra-rotating, baffle-free impellersP. Satjaritanun; E. Bringley; J. R. Regalbuto; J. A. Regalbuto; J. Register; J. W. Weidner; Y. Khunatorn; S. Shimpalee
1-Jun-2018MAHAKIL: Diversity Based Oversampling Approach to Alleviate the Class Imbalance Issue in Software Defect PredictionKwabena Ebo Bennin; Jacky Keung; Passakorn Phannachitta; Akito Monden; Solomon Mensah
1-Jun-2018Recognition-based character segmentation for multi-level writing stylePapangkorn Inkeaw; Jakramate Bootkrajang; Phasit Charoenkwan; Sanparith Marukatat; Shinn Ying Ho; Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich
1-Jun-2018New exponential passivity of BAM neural networks with time-varying delaysJ. Thipcha; P. Niamsup
27-May-2018MAHAKIL: Diversity based oversampling approach to alleviate the class imbalance issue in software defect predictionKwabena E. Bennin; Jacky Keung; Passakorn Phannachitta; Akito Monden; Solomon Mensah
15-May-2018Join order algorithm using predefined optimal join orderAreerat Trongratsameethong
19-Apr-2018Message from the technical program committee co-chairsSungrae Cho; Giacomo Morabito; Takeo Fujii; Xudong Wang; Ekkarat Boonchieng
18-Mar-2018Individual versus combinatorial effects of silicon, phosphate, and iron deficiency on the growth of lowland and upland rice varietiesNanthana Chaiwong; Chanakan Prom-U-thai; Nadia Bouain; Benoit Lacombe; Hatem Rouached
15-Mar-2018Lifecycle management model review and design for LSPSunida Tiwong; Sakgasem Ramingwong