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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-May-2016Optimization of horizontal photocatalytic reactor for decolorization of methylene blue in waterWetchakun K.; Wetchakun N.; Phanichphant S.
1-Jan-2016TiO<inf>2</inf> powder synthesized via the solvothermal method and enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methomylJansanthea P.; Chomkitichai W.; Ketwaraporn J.; Pookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
1Composite Photocatalysts Containing BiVO<inf>4</inf> for Degradation of Cationic DyesPingmuang K.; Chen J.; Kangwansupamonkon W.; Wallace G.; Phanichphant S.; Nattestad A.
1-Jan-2017Photocatalytic activity of cu-doped cerium dioxide nanoparticlesChannei D.; Jannoey P.; Nakaruk A.; Phanichphant S.
1-Jan-2016Characterization of bismuth vanadate nanopowder prepared by microwave methodPookmanee P.; Intaphong P.; Phanmalee J.; Kangwansupamonkon W.; Phanichphant S.
1-Jan-2017Influence of Cu doping on the visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity of InVO<inf>4</inf>Wetchakun N.; Wanwaen P.; Phanichphant S.; Wetchakun K.
1-Jan-2016Controlled synthesis of barium chromate multi-layered microdiscs and their photocatalytic activityJapa M.; Panoy P.; Anuchai S.; Phanichphant S.; Nimmanpipug P.; Kaowphong S.; Tantraviwat D.; Inceesungvorn B.
1-Jan-2016The effect of iron doping on the photocatalytic activity of a Bi<inf>2</inf>WO<inf>6</inf>-BiVO<inf>4</inf> compositeChaiwichian S.; Wetchakun K.; Phanichphant S.; Kangwansupamonkon W.; Wetchakun N.
1-Feb-2018Highly sensitive and selective detection of ethanol vapor using flame-spray-made CeO<inf>x</inf>-doped SnO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticulate thick filmsKotchasak N.; Wisitsoraat A.; Tuantranont A.; Phanichphant S.; Yordsri V.; Liewhiran C.
1Photocatalytic degradation of phenol over highly visible-light active BiOI/TiO<inf>2</inf> nanocomposite photocatalystBoonprakob N.; Chomkitichai W.; Ketwaraporn J.; Wanaek A.; Inceesungvorn B.; Phanichphant S.