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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Chemical stability and cytotoxicity of human insulin loaded in cationic DPPC/CTA/DDAB liposomesManosroi A.; Khositsuntiwong N.; Komno C.; Manosroi W.; Werner R.G.; Manosoi J.
2014Identification of deposit types of natural corundum by PIXEChulapakorn T.; Intarasiri S.; Bootkul D.; Singkarat S.
2010Novel ferrocenic steroidal drug derivatives and their bioactivitiesManosroi J.; Rueanto K.; Boonpisuttinant K.; Manosroi W.; Biot C.; Akazawa H.; Akihisa T.; Issarangporn W.; Manosroi A.
2011Raman spectroscopic study on archaeological glasses in Thailand: Ancient Thai GlassWon-In K.; Thongkam Y.; Pongkrapan S.; Intarasiri S.; Thongleurm C.; Kamwanna T.; Leelawathanasuk T.; Dararutana P.
2014Effects of filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition (FCVAD) conditions on photovoltaic TiO2 filmsAramwit C.; Intarasiri S.; Bootkul D.; Tippawan U.; Supsermpol B.; Seanphinit N.; Ruangkul W.; Yu L.D.
2013Efficacy of polymer coating of probiotic beads suspended in pressurized and pasteurized longan juices on the exposure to simulated gastrointestinal environmentChaikham P.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; George T.; Jirarattanarangsri W.
2013The role of net development as a barrier to moisture loss in netted melon fruit (Cucumis melo L.)Puthmee T.; Takahashi K.; Sugawara M.; Kawamata R.; Motomura Y.; Nishizawa T.; Aikawa T.; Kumpoun W.
2013Fast and blister-free irradiation conditions for cross-linking of PMMA induced by 2 MeV protonsUnai S.; Puttaraksa N.; Pussadee N.; Singkarat K.; Rhodes M.W.; Whitlow H.J.; Singkarat S.
2010Biological activities of phenolic compounds isolated from galls of Terminalia chebula Retz. (Combretaceae)Manosroi A.; Jantrawut P.; Akazawa H.; Akihisa T.; Manosroi J.
2013Synthesis of h- and α -MoO3 by refluxing and calcination combination: Phase and morphology transformation, photocatalysis, and photosensitizationWongkrua P.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.