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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Sequential injection spectrophotometric determination of tetracycline antibiotics in pharmaceutical preparations and their residues in honey and milk samples using yttrium (III) and cationic surfactantThanasarakhan W.; Kruanetr S.; Deming R.L.; Liawruangrath B.; Wangkarn S.; Liawruangrath S.
2011High-energy heavy ion beam annealing effect on ion beam synthesis of silicon carbideKhamsuwan J.; Intarasiri S.; Kirkby K.; Jeynes C.; Chu P.K.; Kamwanna T.; Yu L.D.
2012Influence of MeV H + ion beam flux on cross-linking and blister formation in PMMA resistUnai S.; Puttaraksa N.; Pussadee N.; Singkarat K.; Rhodes M.W.; Whitlow H.J.; Singkarat S.
2013Detecting drought stress in longan tree using thermal imagingWirya-Alongkorn W.; Spreer W.; Ongprasert S.; Spohrer K.; Pankasemsuk T.; Muller J.
2010The debye dielectric behavior of mixed normal and relaxor-ferroelectrics: Monte Carlo investigationLaosiritaworn Y.; Kanchiang K.; Ngamjarurojana A.; Yimnirun R.; Guo R.; Bhalla A.S.
2014Effects of encapsulated Lactobacillus acidophilus along with pasteurized longan juice on the colon microbiota residing in a dynamic simulator of the human intestinal microbial ecosystemChaikham P.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2011Transdermal absorption enhancement of n-terminal tat-GFP fusion protein (TG) loaded in novel low-toxic elastic anionic niosomesManosroi J.; Lohcharoenkal W.; Gotz F.; Werner R.G.; Manosroi W.; Manosroi A.
2014Development of vertical compact ion implanter for gemstones applicationsIntarasiri S.; Wijaikhum A.; Bootkul D.; Suwannakachorn D.; Tippawan U.; Yu L.D.; Singkarat S.
2014Ion beam analysis of rubies and their simulantsJuncomma U.; Intarasiri S.; Bootkul D.; Tippawan U.
2010Modeling of ferroelectric hysteresis area of hard lead zirconate titanate ceramics: Artificial Neural Network approachLaosiritaworn W.; Ngamjarurojana A.; Yimnirun R.; Laosiritaworn Y.