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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Index of fungi described from the ZingiberaceaeBussaban B.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong S.
2003Amanita siamensis, a new species of Amanita from ThailandSanmee R.; Yang Z.L.; Lumyong P.; Lumyong S.
2003Microfungi on the Pandanaceae: Linocarpon lammiae sp. nov., L. siamensis sp. nov. and L. suthepensis sp. nov. are described with a key to Linocarpon species from the PandanaceaeThongkantha S.; Lumyong S.; Lumyong P.; Whitton S.R.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
2003Xenosporium amomi sp. no v. from Zingiberaceae in ThailandBussaban B.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong S.
2011Amycolatopsis thailandensis sp. nov., a poly(L-lactic acid)-degrading actinomycete, isolated from soilChomchoei A.; Pathom-Aree W.; Yokota A.; Kanongnuch C.; Lumyong S.
2003Nutritive value of popular wild edible mushrooms from northern ThailandSanmee R.; Dell B.; Lumyong P.; Izumori K.; Lumyong S.
2009Endophytic fungi from calamus kerrianus and Wallichia caryotoides (Arecaceae) at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, ThailandLumyong S.; Techa W.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
2003Memnoniella and Stachybotrys species from Musa acuminataPhotita W.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong S.
2003Dokmaia monthadangii gen. et sp. nov., a synnematous anamorphic fungus on Manglietia garrettiiPromputtha I.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Lumyong S.
2003Three new species of Pyricularia are isolated as zingiberaceous endophytes from ThailandBussaban B.; Lumyong S.; Lumyong P.; Hyde K.D.; McKenzie E.H.C.