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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Assessment of ovarian activity in captive goral (Naemorhedus griseus) using noninvasive fecal steroid monitoringKhonmee J.; Brown J.L.; Taya K.; Rojanasthien S.; Punyapornwithaya V.; Thumasanukul D.; Kongphoemphun A.; Siriaroonrat B.; Tipkantha W.; Pongpiachan P.; Thitaram C.
2014Distribution, quantitative load and characterization of Salmonella associated with swine farms in upper-northern ThailandTadee P.; Kumpapong K.; Sinthuya D.; Yamsakul P.; Chokesajjawatee N.; Nuanualsuwan S.; Pornsukarom S.; Molla B.Z.; Gebreyes W.A.; Patchanee P.
2014Dengue, Japanese encephalitis and Chikungunya virus antibody prevalence among captive monkey (Macaca nemestrina) colonies of Northern ThailandNakgoi K.; Nitatpattana N.; Wajjwalku W.; Pongsopawijit P.; Kaewchot S.; Yoksan S.; Siripolwat V.; Souris M.; Gonzalez J.-P.
2014Diet composition, food intake, apparent digestibility, and body condition score of the captive Asian elephant (Elephas maximus): A pilot study in two collections in ThailandRomain S.; Angkawanish T.; Bampenpol P.; Pongsopawijit P.; Sombatphuthorn P.; Nomsiri R.; Silva-Fletcher A.
2014In vitro virucidal and virustatic properties of the crude extract of cynodon dactylon against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusPringproa K.; Khonghiran O.; Kunanoppadol S.; Potha T.; Chuammitri P.
2014Coexistence of multiple strains of porcine parvovirus 2 in pig farmsSaekhow P.; Mawatari T.; Ikeda H.
2014Gender, season and management affect fecal glucocorticoid metabolite concentrations in captive goral (naemorhedus griseus) in ThailandKhonmee J.; Brown J.L.; Rojanasthien S.; Aunsusin A.; Thumasanukul D.; Kongphoemphun A.; Siriaroonrat B.; Tipkantha W.; Punyapornwithaya V.; Thitaram C.
2014Loads and antimicrobial resistance of Campylobacter spp. on fresh chicken meat in Nueva Ecija, PhilippinesSison F.B.; Chaisowwong W.; Alter T.; Tiwananthagorn S.; Pichpol D.; Lampang K.N.; Baumann M.P.O.; Golz G.
2014Serum vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus concentrations in ponies, horses and foals from the United States and ThailandPozza M.E.; Kaewsakhorn T.; Trinarong C.; Inpanbutr N.; Toribio R.E.
2014Use of blue-greenish yellow fluorescence test on feeds and its association with aflatoxin M1 contamination in bulk tank milkMongkon W.; Poapolathep A.; Kumagai S.; Suriyasathaporn W.