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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Quality of nursing doctoral education in seven countries: Survey of faculty and students/graduatesKim,M.; Park,C.; Mckenna,H.P.; Ketefian,S.; Park,S.; Klopper,H.C.; Lee,H.; Kunaviktikul,W.; Gregg,M.F.; Daly,J.; Coetzee,S.K.; Juntasopeepun,P.; Murashima,S.; Keeney,S.; Khan,S.
1-Jan-2015Cross-sectional study of glycemic control among adults with type 2 diabetesAmarasekara,A.T.D.A.; Fongkaew,W.; Wimalasekera,S.W.; Turale,S.; Chanprasit,C.
1-Apr-2015Comparative efficacy, acceptability, and tolerability of lisdexamfetamine in child and adolescent ADHD: A meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trialsManeeton B.; Maneeton N.; Likhitsathian S.; Suttajit S.; Narkpongphun A.; Srisurapanont M.; Woottiluk P.
1-Jan-2014Brief cognitive behavioral therapy for depression among patients with alcohol dependence in ThailandThapinta,D.; Skulphan,S.; Kittrattanapaiboon,P.
1-Jan-2014The effectiveness of family interventions on psychological distress and expressed emotion in family members of individuals diagnosed with first-episode psychosis: A systematic review protocolNapa,W.; Tungpunkom,P.; McCann,T.V.
1-Jan-2014DPP-4 Inhibitor and PPARγ Agonist Restore the Loss of CA1 Dendritic Spines in Obese Insulin-resistant RatsSripetchwandee,J.; Pipatpiboon,N.; Pratchayasakul,W.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2014Effects of Internet-based instruction on HIV-prevention knowledge and practices among men who have sex with menKasatpibal,N.; Viseskul,N.; Srikantha,W.; Fongkaew,W.; Surapagdee,N.; Grimes,R.M.
1-Jan-2012The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural therapy on depression in the elderlyKitsumban,V.; Thapinta,D.; Picheansathian,W.
1-Jan-2012Caregiving experiences of families living with patients with schizophrenia: A systematic reviewTungpunkom,P.; Srikhachin,P.; Napa,W.; Chaniang,S.
1-Dec-2011Breastfeeding beliefs and practices among employed women: A Thai cultural perspectiveYimyam,S.