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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A drug discovery platform: A simplified immunoassay for analyzing HIV protease activityKitidee K.; Nangola S.; Hadpech S.; Laopajon W.; Kasinrerk W.; Tayapiwatana C.
2010Gnathostoma spinigerum: Molecular cloning, expression and characterization of the cyclophilin proteinLaummaunwai P.; Intapan P.M.; Wongkham C.; Lulitanond V.; Tayapiwatana C.; Maleewong W.
2012Zinc finger protein designed to target 2-long terminal repeat junctions interferes with human immunodeficiency virus integrationSakkhachornphop S.; Barbas C.F.; Keawvichit R.; Wongworapat K.; Tayapiwatana C.
2003Construction and characterization of phage-displayed leukocyte surface molecule CD99Tayapiwatana C.; Kasinrerk W.
1999Combined immunoprecipitation and agglutination for the detection of the heterodimeric molecule: human chorionic gonadotropin as a study modelTayapiwatana C.; Tung R.
2010Baculovirus display of single chain antibody (scFv) using a novel signal peptideKitidee K.; Nangola S.; Gonzalez G.; Boulanger P.; Tayapiwatana C.; Hong S.-S.
2013Improved SCFV ANTI-HIV-1 P17 binding affinity guided from the theoretical calculation of pairwise decomposition energies and Computational Alanine ScanningTue-Ngeun P.; Kodchakorn K.; Nimmanpipug P.; Lawan N.; Nangola S.; Tayapiwatana C.; Rahman N.A.; Zain S.M.; Lee V.S.
2014Rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis by identification of Antigen 85 in mycobacterial culture systemPhunpae P.; Chanwong S.; Tayapiwatana C.; Apiratmateekul N.; Makeudom A.; Kasinrerk W.