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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An optimized expression vector for improving the yield of dengue virus-like particles from transfected insect cellsCharoensri N.; Suphatrakul A.; Sriburi R.; Yasanga T.; Junjhon J.; Keelapang P.; Utaipat U.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Sittisombut N.
2007Secreted NS1 of dengue virus attaches to the surface of cells via interactions with heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate EAvirutnan P.; Zhang L.; Punyadee N.; Manuyakorn A.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Atkinson J.P.; Diamond M.S.
2007Sensitization to Fas-mediated apoptosis by dengue virus capsid proteinLimjindaporn T.; Netsawang J.; Noisakran S.; Thiemmeca S.; Wongwiwat W.; Sudsaward S.; Avirutnan P.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Sriburi R.; Sittisombut N.; Yenchitsomanus P.-t.; Malasit P.
2007Characterization of dengue virus NS1 stably expressed in 293T cell linesNoisakran S.; Dechtawewat T.; Rinkaewkan P.; Puttikhunt C.; Kanjanahaluethai A.; Kasinrerk W.; Sittisombut N.; Malasit P.
2010Nuclear localization of dengue virus capsid protein is required for DAXX interaction and apoptosisNetsawang J.; Noisakran S.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Wongwiwat W.; Malasit P.; Yenchitsomanus P.-t.; Limjindaporn T.
2010Influence of pr-M cleavage on the heterogeneity of extracellular dengue virus particlesJunjhon J.; Edwards T.J.; Utaipat U.; Bowman V.D.; Holdaway H.A.; Zhang W.; Keelapang P.; Puttikhunt C.; Perera R.; Chipman P.R.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Kuhn R.J.; Sittisombut N.
2008Identification of human hnRNP C1/C2 as a dengue virus NS1-interacting proteinNoisakran S.; Sengsai S.; Thongboonkerd V.; Kanlaya R.; Sinchaikul S.; Chen S.-T.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Limjindaporn T.; Wongwiwat W.; Malasit P.; Yenchitsomanus P.-t.
2008Differential modulation of prM cleavage, extracellular particle distribution, and virus infectivity by conserved residues at nonfurin consensus positions of the dengue virus pr-M junctionJunjhon J.; Lausumpao M.; Supasa S.; Noisakran S.; Songjaeng A.; Saraithong P.; Chaichoun K.; Utaipat U.; Keelapang P.; Kanjanahaluethai A.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Sittisombut N.
2008Association of dengue virus NS1 protein with lipid raftsNoisakran S.; Dechtawewat T.; Avirutnan P.; Kinoshita T.; Siripanyaphinyo U.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Sittisombut N.
2008Multiple regions in dengue virus capsid protein contribute to nuclear localization during virus infectionSangiambut S.; Keelapang P.; Aaskov J.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Sittisombut N.