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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2012Preparation and physicomechanical properties of co-precipitated rice starch-colloidal silicon dioxideKittipongpatana,O.S.; Kittipongpatana,N.
1-Oct-2012In vitro immunostimulating activity of the dried sap from fermented thai rice on human and murine neutrophilsManosroi A.; Manosroi A.; Lohcharoenkal W.; Ruksiriwanich W.; Kietthanakorn B.; Manosroi W.; Manosroi J.; Manosroi J.
1-Jan-2015Enhancing phenolic contents and antioxidant potentials of antidesma thwaitesianum by supercritical carbon dioxide extractionPoontawee W.; Natakankitkul S.; Wongmekiat O.
24-Apr-2015Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol of less than 70 mg/dL is associated with fewer cardiovascular events in acute coronary syndrome patients: A real-life cohort in ThailandChinwong D.; Chinwong D.; Patumanond J.; Chinwong S.; Siriwattana K.; Gunaparn S.; Hall J.; Phrommintikul A.
22-May-2015Evaluation of factors that influence the L-glutamic and γ-aminobutyric acid production during Hericium erinaceus fermentation by lactic acid bacteria | Evaluación de los factores que influencian la producción de los ácidos L-glutámico y γ-aminobutírico durante la fermentación de Hericium erinaceus con bacterias ácido-lácticasWoraharn S.; Lailerd N.; Sivamaruthi B.; Wangcharoen W.; Sirisattha S.; Peerajan S.; Chaiyasut C.
7-Aug-2014General public's views on pharmacy public health services: Current situation and opportunities in the futureSaramunee K.; Saramunee K.; Krska J.; Mackridge A.; Richards J.; Suttajit S.; Phillips-Howard P.
1-Jan-2015Unpolished Thai rice prevents ACF formation and dysplastic progression in AOM-induced rats and induces apoptosis through redox alteration in CaCo-2 cellsTammasakchai,A.; Chaiyasut,C.; Riengrojpitak,S.; Suwannalert,P.
23-Jan-2015Statin therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome: Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment and effect of statin potencyChinwong,D.; Patumanond,J.; Chinwong,S.; Siriwattana,K.; Gunaparn,S.; Hall,J.J.; Phrommintikul,A.
1-Jan-2014Mutagenicity and antimutagenicity of hydrophilic and lipophilic extracts of Thai northern purple ricePunvittayagul C.; Sringarm K.; Chaiyasut C.; Wongpoomchai R.; Wongpoomchai R.
1-Dec-2012Red strain Oryza sativa-unpolished thai rice prevents oxidative stress and colorectal aberrant crypt foci formation in RatsTammasakchai,A.; Reungpatthanaphong,S.; Chaiyasut,C.; Rattanachitthawat,S.; Suwannalert,P.