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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2012Low-dose dental irradiation decreases oxidative stress in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells without any changes in cell viability, cellular proliferation and cellular apoptosisPramojanee,S.N.; Pratchayasakul,W.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Sep-2011Changes in peripheral innervation and nociception in reticular type and erosive type of oral lichen planusChattipakorn,S.C.; Ittichaicharoen,J.; Rangdaeng,S.; Chattipakorn,N.
1-Dec-2011Expression of sodium channels in dental pulpSuwanchai,A.; Theerapiboon,U.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jun-2013Decreased jaw bone density and osteoblastic insulin signaling in a model of obesityPramojanee,S.N.; Phimphilai,M.; Kumphune,S.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2014Protocatechuic acid exerts a cardioprotective effect in type 1 diabetic ratsSemaming,Y.; Kumfu,S.; Pannangpetch,P.; Chattipakorn,S.C.; Chattipakorn,N.
1-Jan-2014Garlic extract attenuates brain mitochondrial dysfunction and cognitive deficit in obese-insulin resistant ratsPintana,H.; Sripetchwandee,J.; Supakul,L.; Apaijai,N.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2015Cardiomyopathy associated with iron overload: How does iron enter myocytes and what are the implications for pharmacological therapy?Wijarnpreecha,K.; Kumfu,S.; Chattipakorn,S.C.; Chattipakorn,N.
24-Feb-2015Testosterone deficiency, insulin-resistant obesity and cognitive functionPintana,H.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2014Possible roles of insulin signaling in osteoblastsPramojanee,S.N.; Phimphilai,M.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2014Application of vagus nerve stimulation from the onset of ventricular fibrillation to post-shock period improves defibrillation efficacyThunsiri,K.; Shinlapawittayatorn,K.; Chinda,K.; Palee,S.; Surinkaew,S.; Chattipakorn,S.C.; KenKnight,B.H.; Chattipakorn,N.