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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2015Statin therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome: Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment and effect of statin potencyChinwong,D.; Patumanond,J.; Chinwong,S.; Siriwattana,K.; Gunaparn,S.; Hall,J.J.; Phrommintikul,A.
1-Jan-2014Lung cancer chemotherapy, new treatment and related patentsCheepsattayakorn,A.; Cheepsattayakorn,R.
1-Jan-2014Renal and metabolic toxicities following initiation of HIV-1 treatment regimen in a diverse, multinational setting: A focused safety analysis of ACTG PEARLS (A5175)Touzard Romo,F.; Smeaton,L.M.; Campbell,T.B.; Rivière,C.; Mngqibisa,R.; Nyirenda,M.J.; Supparatpinyo,K.; Kumarasamy,N.; Hakim,J.G.; Flanigan,T.P.
1-Jan-2014Roles of Obese-Insulin Resistance and Anti-Diabetic Drugs on the Heart with Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryApaijai,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.; Chattipakorn,N.
1-Jan-2014A clinical prediction tool for targeted pre-antiretroviral therapy creatinine testing applied to the TREAT Asia HIV observational database cohortBoettiger,D.C.; Saphonn,V.; Po Lee,M.; Phanuphak,P.P.; Pham,T.T.H.; Sim,B.L.H.; Kumarasamy,N.; Van Nguyen,K.; Kantipong,P.; Kamarulzaman,A.B.; Chaiwarith,R.; Kiertiburanakul,S.
1-Jan-2015HIV and aging: Insights from the Asia Pacific HIV Observational Database (APHOD)Han,N.; Wright,S.T.; O'Connor,C.C.; Hoy,J.F.; Ponnampalavanar,S.A.; Grotowski,M.; Zhao,H.; Kamarulzaman,A.B.; Ellis,D.; Bloch,M.T.; Franic,T.; Agrawal,S.; McCann,L.; Cunningham,N.; Vincent,T.; Allen,D.; Little,J.L.; Smith,D.E.; Gray,C.; Baker,D.A.; Vale,R.; Templeton,D.J.; Dijanosic,C.; Jackson,E.K.; McCallum,K.; Taylor,S.C.; Cooper,D.; Carr,A.; Lee,F.; Hesse,K.; Sinn,K.; Norris,R.; Finlayson,R.J.; Prone,I.; Jackson,E.; Shakeshaft,J.; Brown,K.L.; McGrath,C.; McGrath,V.; Halligan,S.; Wray,L.; Read,P.J.; Lu,H.; Couldwell,D.L.; Smith,D.J.; Furner,V.L.; Watson,J.; Lawrence,C.; Mulhall,B.P.; Law,M.; Petoumenos,K.; McManus,H.; Bendall,C.; Boyd,M.A.; Kulatunga,A.; Knibbs,P.; Chuah,J.; Ngieng,M.; Dickson,B.M.; Russell,D.B.; Downing,S.G.; Sowden,D.; Broom,J.K.; Taing,K.; Johnston,C.; McGill,K.; Orth,D.N.; Youds,D.; Kelly,M.D.; Gibson,A.; Magon,H.; Donohue,W.; Moore,R.S.; Edwards,S.; Liddle,R.; Locke,P.; Roth,N.J.; Nicolson,J.; Lau,H.; Read,T.R.H.; Silvers,J.E.; Zeng,W.; Watson,K.M.; Bryant,M.L.; Price,S.; Woolley,I.J.; Giles,M.L.; Korman,T.M.; Williams,J.; Nolan,D.; Skett,J.; Robinson,J.O.; Mean,C.V.; Saphonn,V.; Vohith,K.; Zhang,F.; Li,P.; Lee,M.; Kumarasamy,N.; Saghayam,S.; Ezhilarasi,C.; Pujari,S.N.; Joshi,K.S.; Makane,A.; Merati,T.P.; Wirawan,D.N.; Yuliana,F.; Yunihastuti,E.; Imran,D.; Widhani,A.; Oka,S.; Tanuma,J.; Nishijima,T.; Choi,J.Y.; Na,S.; Kim,J.; Lee,C.K.C.; Sim,B.L.H.; David,R.A.; Syed Omar,S.F.; Azwa,I.; Ditangco,R.A.; Uy,E.; Bantique,R.O.; Wong,W.W.; Ku,W.W.; Wu,P.C.; Ng,O.; Lim,P.L.; Lee,L.S.; Tan,M.T.; Phanuphak,P.P.; Ruxrungtham,K.; Avihingsanon,A.; Chusut,P.; Kiertiburanakul,S.; Sungkanuparph,S.; Chumla,L.; Sanmeema,N.; Chaiwarith,R.; Sirisanthana,T.; Kotarathititum,W.; Praparattanapan,J.; Kantipong,P.; Kambua,P.; Ratanasuwan,W.; Sriondee,R.; Nguyen,V.K.; Bui,V.H.; Cao,T.T.T.; Pham,T.T.; Cuong,D.D.; Ha,H.L.; Sohn,A.H.; Durier,N.; Petersen,B.; Cooper,D.A.; Law,M.; Jiamsakul,A.; Boettiger,D.E.
1-Feb-2014Prognostic significance of the interval between the initiation of antiretroviral therapy and the initiation of anti-tuberculosis treatment in HIV/tuberculosis-coinfected patients: Results from the TREAT Asia HIV Observational DatabaseHan,S.; Zhou,J.; Lee,M.; Zhao,H.; Chen,Y.M.A.; Kumarasamy,N.; Pujari,S.N.; Lee,C.; Omar,S.F.S.; Ditangco,R.A.; Phanuphak,N.; Kiertiburanakul,S.; Chaiwarith,R.; Merati,T.P.; Yunihastuti,E.; Tanuma,J.; Saphonn,V.; Sohn,A.H.; Choi,J.; Mean,C.V.; Saphonn,V.; Vohith,K.; Zhang,F.; Zhao,H.X.; Han,N.; Li,P.; Lee,M.; Kumarasamy,N.; Saghayam,S.; Ezhilarasi,C.; Pujari,S.S.; Joshi,K.S.; Makane,A.; Merati,T.P.; Wirawan,D.N.; Yuliana,F.; Yunihastuti,E.; Imran,D.; Widhani,A.; Oka,S.; Tanuma,J.; Nishijima,T.; Choi,J.Y.O.; Han,S.; Kim,J.; Lee,C.; Sim,B.L.H.; David,R.A.; Kamarulzaman,A.B.; Kajindran,A.; Ditangco,R.; Uy,E.; Bantique,R.O.; Chen,Y.M.A.; Wong,W.; Kuo,L.H.; Ng,O.; Chua,A.; Lee,L.S.; Loh,A.; Phanuphak,P.P.; Ruxrungtham,K.; Khongphattanayothin,M.; Kiertiburanakul,S.; Sungkanuparph,S.; Sanmeema,N.; Sirisanthana,T.; Chaiwarith,R.; Kotarathititum,W.; Nguyen,V.K.; Bui,V.H.; Cao,T.T.T.; Pham,T.T.; Cuong,D.D.U.; Ha,H.L.; Sohn,A.H.; Durier,N.; Petersen,B.; Cooper,D.A.; Law,M.; Zhou,J.; Jiamsakul,A.
16-Aug-2014Microbiology, resistance patterns, and risk factors of mortality in ventilator-associated bacterial pneumonia in a Northern Thai tertiary-care university based general surgical intensive care unitChittawatanarat,K.; Jaipakdee,W.; Chotirosniramit,N.; Chandacham,K.; Jirapongcharoenlap,T.
1-Sep-2014Hepatotoxicity in a 52-week randomized trial of short-term versus long-term treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone in HIV-negative injection opioid users in China and ThailandLucas G.; Young A.; Donnell D.; Richardson P.; Aramrattana A.; Shao Y.; Ruan Y.; Liu W.; Fu L.; Ma J.; Celentano D.; Metzger D.; Jackson J.; Burns D.
1-Jan-2014The clinically quiescent phase in early-diagnosed SLE patients: Inception cohort studyKasitanon N.; Intaniwet T.; Wangkaew S.; Pantana S.; Sukitawut W.; Louthrenoo W.