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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2012Curcuminoid analogs inhibit nitric oxide production from LPS-activated microglial cellsTocharus,J.; Jamsuwan,S.; Tocharus,C.; Changtam,C.; Suksamrarn,A.
13-Aug-2012Antioxidant, antimicrobial and wound healing activities of Boesenbergia rotundaJitvaropas,R.; Saenthaweesuk,S.; Somparn,N.; Thuppia,A.; Sireeratawong,S.; Phoolcharoen,W.
1-Jan-2014Sawtehtetronenin from goniothalamus sawtehii and its cytotoxicityThiplueang,C.; Punyanitya,S.; Banjerdpongchai,R.; Wudtiwai,B.; Udomputtimekakul,P.; Buayairaksa,M.; Nuntasaen,N.; Pompimon,W.
1-Jan-2015Evaluation of gastroprotective potential of the ethanol extract from Murdannia loriformis in ratsKunnaja,P.; Chiranthanut,N.; Kunanusorn,P.; Khonsung,P.; Wongnoppavich,A.; Panthong,A.
1-Jan-2015Preliminary evaluation of the analgesic and antiinflammatory effects of Tacca integrifolia in rodentsAutsavakitipong,T.; Khonsung,P.; Panthong,A.; Chiranthanut,N.; Kunanusorn,P.; Nuntasaen,N.; Jaipetch,T.; Bunteang,S.; Reutrakul,V.
1-Jan-2014Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the water extract from terminalia chebula reztSireeratawong,S.; Jaijoy,K.; Khonsung,P.; Soonthornchareonnon,N.
1-Jan-2015Pharmacological properties of protocatechuic acid and its potential roles as complementary medicineSemaming Y.; Semaming Y.; Pannengpetch P.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn N.
1-Jan-2012Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic activities of Chantaleela recipeSireeratawong,S.; Khonsung,P.; Piyabhan,P.; Nanna,U.C.; Soonthornchareonnon,N.; Jaijoy,K.
1-Jan-2012Anti-diarrheal activity and toxicity of Learng Pid Samud recipeSireeratawong,S.; Khonsung,P.; Nanna,U.C.; Vannasiri,S.; Lertprasertsuke,N.; Singhalak,T.; Soonthornchareonnon,N.; Jaijoy,K.
1-Jan-2012Evaluation of acute and subacute oral toxicity of the ethanol extract from Aantidesma acidum RetzSireeratawong,S.; Thamaree,S.; Ingkaninan,K.; Piyabhan,P.; Vannasiri,S.; Khonsung,P.; Singhalak,T.; Jaijoy,K.