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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Spray drying Lactobacillus casei 01 in lychee juice varied carrier materialsKingwatee,N.; Apichartsrangkoon,A.; Chaikham,P.; Worametrachanon,S.; Techarung,J.; Pankasemsuk,T.
1-Jan-2015Radio frequency heat treatment for controlling rice weevil in rough rice cv. Khao Dawk Mali 105Wangspa W.; Chanbang Y.; Chanbang Y.; Chanbang Y.; Vearasilp S.; Vearasilp S.; Vearasilp S.
1-Jan-2015Cold storage in salicylic acid increases enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants of Nam Dok Mai No. 4 mango fruitJunmatong,C.; Faiyue,B.; Rotarayanont,S.; Uthaibutra,J.; Boonyakiat,D.; Saengnil,K.
1-Jan-2015Application of vacuum cooling technology and active packaging to improve the quality of Chinese kalePoonlarp P.; Poonlarp P.; Boonyakiat D.; Boonyakiat D.
1-Jan-2015Comparison of sapwood discoloration in fagaceae trees after inoculation with isolates of raffaelea quercivora, Cause of mass mortality of japanese oak treesKusumoto,D.; Masuya,H.; Hirao,T.; Goto,H.; Hamaguchi,K.; Chou,W.I.; Suasa-Ard,W.; Buranapanichpan,S.; Uraichuen,S.; Kern-asa,O.; Sanguansub,S.; Panmongkol,A.; Pham,Q.T.; Kahono,S.; Sudiana,I.M.; Kamata,N.
1-Jan-2015Effect of high-temperature fluidized bed drying on quality of 'Kum Doi Saket' variety of purple riceJunka N.; Wongs-Aree C.; Wongs-Aree C.; Rattanamechaiskul C.; Kanlayanarat S.; Boonyaritthongchai P.; Boonyaritthongchai P.; Prom-u-thai C.
1-Jan-2015A simple and sensitive GC-ECD method for detecting synthetic pyrethroid insecticide residues in vegetable and fruit samplesPakvilai,N.; Prapamontol,T.; Thavornyutikarn,P.; Mangklabruks,A.; Chantara,S.; Hongsibsong,S.; Santasup,C.
1-Jan-2015Water use efficiency, nutrient leaching, and growth in potted marigolds affected by coconut coir dust amended in substrate mediaHongpakdee,P.; Ruamrungsri,S.
1-Jan-2015Effects of different finishing feeding strategies for culled cows on lipid and organoleptic characteristics of the meatBunmee T.; Jaturasitha S.; Wicke M.; Kreuzer M.
4-Mar-2015Genome-wide identification of allele-specific expression in response to Streptococcus suis 2 infection in two differentially susceptible pig breedsWu,H.; Gaur,U.; Mekchay,S.; Peng,X.; Li,L.; Sun,H.; Song,Z.; Dong,B.; Li,M.; Wimmers,K.; Ponsuksili,S.; Li,K.; Mei,S.; Liu,G.