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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Variation in responses to boron in riceLordkaew S.; Konsaeng S.; Jongjaidee J.; Dell B.; Rerkasem B.; Jamjod S.
2013Population structure of the primary gene pool of Oryza sativa in ThailandPusadee T.; Schaal B.A.; Rerkasem B.; Jamjod S.
2013Effect of different foliar zinc application at different growth stages on seed zinc concentration and its impact on seedling vigor in riceBoonchuay P.; Cakmak I.; Rerkasem B.; Prom-U-Thai C.
2013Enclosing Ethnic Minorities and Forests in the Golden Economic QuadrangleSturgeon J.C.; Menzies N.K.; Fujita Lagerqvist Y.; Thomas D.; Ekasingh B.; Lebel L.; Phanvilay K.; Thongmanivong S.
2013Vital Characteristics of Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) Pericarp that Define Postharvest Concepts for Thai CultivarsReichel M.; Triani R.; Wellhofer J.; Sruamsiri P.; Carle R.; Neidhart S.
2013Modeling volatility and dependency of agricultural price and production indices of Thailand: Static versus time-varying copulasSriboonchitta S.; Nguyen H.T.; Wiboonpongse A.; Liu J.
2013A quantile regression analysis of price transmission in Thai rice marketsWiboonpongse A.; Chaovanapoonphol Y.; Battese G.E.
2013Diversity of endophytic actinomycetes in mandarin grown in northern Thailand, their phytohormone production potential and plant growth promoting activityShutsrirung A.; Chromkaew Y.; Pathom-Aree W.; Choonluchanon S.; Boonkerd N.
2013Cytotoxic and apoptotic-inducing effects of purple rice extracts and chemotherapeutic drugs on human cancer cell linesBanjerdpongchai R.; Wudtiwai B.; Sringarm K.
2013Screening Capsicum accessions for tomato necrotic ringspot virus resistancePuangmalai P.; Potapohn N.; Akarapisarn A.; Cheewachaiwit S.; Insuan N.