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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Development and applications of community-based decision support system for land use allocation at Mae Sa Mai Royal Project Development Center, Chiang Mai Province, ThailandWitthawatchutikul P.; Pratummintra S.; Ngamsomsuke K.; Kaewumput T.; Deesaeng B.; Chatveera B.; Rojanasoonthon S.
2011Molecular mechanism underlying the differential MYF6 expression in postnatal skeletal muscle of Duroc and Pietrain breedsFan H.; Cinar M.U.; Phatsara C.; Tesfaye D.; Tholen E.; Looft C.; Schellander K.
2011Effects of planting date and variety on flooded rice production in the deepwater area of ThailandBuddhaboon C.; Jintrawet A.; Hoogenboom G.
2011Mapping quantitative trait loci for innate immune response in the pigUddin M.J.; Cinar M.U.; Grosse-Brinkhaus C.; Tesfaye D.; Tholen E.; Juengst H.; Looft C.; Wimmers K.; Phatsara C.; Schellander K.
2011The remarkable nest entrance of tear drinking Pariotrigona klossi and other stingless bees nesting in limestone cavities (Hymenoptera: Apidae)Banziger H.; Pumikong S.; Srimuang K.-O.
2011Polymorphisms in the bovine HSP90AB1 gene are associated with heat tolerance in Thai indigenous cattleCharoensook R.; Gatphayak K.; Sharifi A.R.; Chaisongkram C.; Brenig B.; Knorr C.
2011Wolbachia infections in world populations of bean beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) infesting cultivated and wild legumesKondo N.I.; Tuda M.; Toquenaga Y.; Lan Y.-C.; Buranapanichpan S.; Horng S.-B.; Shimada M.; Fukatsu T.
2011A gamma-ray spectrometry approach to field separation of illuviation-type WRB reference soil groups in northern ThailandSchuler U.; Erbe P.; Zarei M.; Rangubpit W.; Surinkum A.; Stahr K.; Herrmann L.
2011Association and expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) analysis of porcine AMBP, GC and PPP1R3B genes with meat quality traitsCinar M.U.; Kayan A.; Uddin M.J.; Jonas E.; Tesfaye D.; Phatsara C.; Ponsuksili S.; Wimmers K.; Tholen E.; Looft C.; Jungst H.; Schellander K.
2011Nitrogen and carbon translocation and distribution in curcuma alismatifolia gagnep. by labelling experiment with 15N and 13CKhuankaew T.; Ito S.; Ohtake N.; Sueyoshi K.; Ohyama T.; Sato T.; Ruamrungsri S.; Ende J.E.Nijs A.P.M.Krikke A.T.