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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Gene flow, biodiversity, and genetically modified crops: Weedy rice in ThailandSchaal,B.A.; Leverich,W.J.; Jamjod,S.; Maneechote,C.; Bashir,A.; Prommin,A.; Punyalue,A.; Suta,A.; Sintukhiew,T.; Wongtamee,A.; Pusadee,T.; Niruntrayakul,S.; Rerkasem,B.
2004Hydrological consequences of landscape fragmentation in mountainous northern Vietnam: Evidence of accelerated overland flow generationZiegler A.D.; Giambelluca T.W.; Tran L.T.; Vana T.T.; Nullet M.A.; Fox J.; Vien T.D.; Pinthong J.; Maxwell J.F.; Evett S.
2014Uneven distribution of zinc in the dorsal and ventral sections of rice grainJaksomsak P.; Sangruan P.; Thomson G.; Rerkasem B.; Dell B.; Prom-U-Thai C.
2014Glutamine synthetase I-deficiency in Mesorhizobium loti differentially affects nodule development and activity in Lotus japonicusChungopast S.; Thapanapongworakul P.; Matsuura H.; Van Dao T.; Asahi T.; Tada K.; Tajima S.; Nomura M.
2012Constraints to organic vegetable production in Chiang Mai, ThailandPinthukas N.
2012Incorporating agro-biodiversity to market-oriented organic rice in Northern Thailand: An enabling innovation process and achievementLimnirankul B.; Gypmantasiri P.
2012Factors affecting organic rice production adoption of farmers in Northern ThailandJierwiriyapant P.; Liangphansakul O.-A.; Chulaphun W.; Pichaya-satrapongs T.
2012Characterising farmers' adoption factors of cleanliness levels of vegetable farming systemsKramol P.; Villano R.; Fleming E.; Kristiansen P.
2004Contrasting responses to boron deficiency in barley and wheatWongmo J.; Jamjod S.; Rerkasem B.
2004Genetic control of boron efficiency in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Jamjod S.; Niruntrayagul S.; Rerkasem B.