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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Epistatic QTL pairs associated with meat quality and carcass composition traits in a porcine Duroc × Pietrain populationGroße-Brinkhaus,C.; Jónás,E.A.; Buschbell,H.; Phatsara,C.; Tesfaye,D.; Jüngst,H.G.; Looft,C.; Schellander,K.; Tholen,E.
1-Jan-2014Characterisation of proteins in the storage organs of Curcuma alismatifolia GagnepAnuwong,C.; Ohtake,N.; Sueyoshi,K.; Ruamrungsri,S.; Ohyama,T.
1-Dec-2011Quantitative trait loci analysis for leg weakness-related traits in a Duroc × Pietrain crossbred populationLaenoi,W.; Uddin,M.J.; Çinar,M.U.; Groe-Brinkhaus,C.; Tesfaye,D.; Jónás,E.A.; Scholz,A.M.; Tholen,E.; Looft,C.; Wimmers,K.; Phatsara,C.; Juengst,H.; Sauerwein,H.; Mielenz,M.; Schellander,K.
1-Jan-2015A simple and sensitive GC-ECD method for detecting synthetic pyrethroid insecticide residues in vegetable and fruit samplesPakvilai,N.; Prapamontol,T.; Thavornyutikarn,P.; Mangklabruks,A.; Chantara,S.; Hongsibsong,S.; Santasup,C.
28-Aug-2014Variation of seed zinc in a local upland rice germplasm from ThailandJaksomsak,P.; Yimyam,N.; Dell,B.; Prom-U-Thai,C.; Rerkasem,B.
1-Apr-2012Association and expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) analysis of porcine AMBP, GC and PPP1R3B genes with meat quality traitsÇinar,M.U.; Kayan,A.; Uddin,M.J.; Jónás,E.A.; Tesfaye,D.; Phatsara,C.; Ponsuksili,S.; Wimmers,K.; Tholen,E.; Looft,C.; Jüngst,H.G.; Schellander,K.
1-Jan-2014Genotypic variation in adaptation to soil acidity in local upland rice varietiesLaenoi,S.; Phattarakul,N.; Jamjod,S.; Yimyam,N.; Dell,B.; Rerkasem,B.
4-Mar-2015Genome-wide identification of allele-specific expression in response to Streptococcus suis 2 infection in two differentially susceptible pig breedsWu,H.; Gaur,U.; Mekchay,S.; Peng,X.; Li,L.; Sun,H.; Song,Z.; Dong,B.; Li,M.; Wimmers,K.; Ponsuksili,S.; Li,K.; Mei,S.; Liu,G.