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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Hydrological consequences of landscape fragmentation in mountainous northern Vietnam: Evidence of accelerated overland flow generationZiegler A.D.; Giambelluca T.W.; Tran L.T.; Vana T.T.; Nullet M.A.; Fox J.; Vien T.D.; Pinthong J.; Maxwell J.F.; Evett S.
2004Contrasting responses to boron deficiency in barley and wheatWongmo J.; Jamjod S.; Rerkasem B.
2004Genetic control of boron efficiency in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Jamjod S.; Niruntrayagul S.; Rerkasem B.
2006Astegopteryx spinocephala (Hemiptera: Aphididae), a new aphid species producing sterile soldiers that guard eggs laid in their gallKurosu U.; Buranapanichpan S.; Aoki S.
2006Head-plug defense in a gall aphidKurosu U.; Narukawa J.; Buranapanichpan S.; Aoki S.
2005Fungi on Magnolia liliifera: Cheiromyces magnoliae sp. nov. from dead branchesPromputtha I.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Lumyong S.
2004A new species of Pseudohalonectria from ThailandPromputtha I.; Lumyong S.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
2005A survey of woody tropical species for boron retranslocationKonsaeng S.; Dell B.; Rerkasem B.
2005Year around off season flower induction in longan (Dimocarpus longan, Lour.) trees by KClO3 applications: Potentials and problemsManochai P.; Sruamsiri P.; Wiriya-Alongkorn W.; Naphrom D.; Hegele M.; Bangerth F.
2005Susceptibility of Musca domestica and Chrysomya megacephala to permethrin and deltamethrin in ThailandSukontason K.; Chaiwong T.; Tayutivutikul J.; Somboon P.; Choochote W.; Piangjai S.; Sukontason K.L.