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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Molecular mechanism underlying the differential MYF6 expression in postnatal skeletal muscle of Duroc and Pietrain breedsFan H.; Cinar M.U.; Phatsara C.; Tesfaye D.; Tholen E.; Looft C.; Schellander K.
2012Investigation on Association and Expression of ESR2 as a Candidate Gene for Boar Sperm Quality and FertilityGunawan A.; Cinar M.U.; Uddin M.J.; Kaewmala K.; Tesfaye D.; Phatsara C.; Tholen E.; Looft C.; Schellander K.
2010The life cycle and effectiveness of insecticides against the bed bugs of ThailandSuwannayod S.; Chanbang Y.; Buranapanichpan S.
2011Effects of planting date and variety on flooded rice production in the deepwater area of ThailandBuddhaboon C.; Jintrawet A.; Hoogenboom G.
2010Effects of some cytokinins, auxins and medium constituents on in vitro propagation of polystachya sp.Sotthikul C.; Choomporn P.; Kammuen S.; Suwanthada C.
2010Guignardia/Phyllosticta species on bananaWulandari N.F.; To-Anun C.; Cai L.; Abd-Elsalam K.A.; Hyde K.D.
2010Agent-based modeling for ex ante assessment of tree crop innovations: Litchis in northern ThailandSchreinemachers P.; Potchanasin C.; Berger T.; Roygrong S.
2010Effect of vacuum cooling and packaging on physico-chemical properties of 'Red' holy basilBoonyakiat D.; Boonprasom P.
2010Relationship between susceptibility to Anthracnose disease and antifungal compounds content in fruit latex of Thai mangoKumpoun W.; Boonyakiat D.
2010The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculturePretty J.; Sutherland W.J.; Ashby J.; Auburn J.; Baulcombe D.; Bell M.; Bentley J.; Bickersteth S.; Brown K.; Burke J.; Campbell H.; Chen K.; Crowley E.; Crute I.; Dobbelaere D.; Edwards-Jones G.; Funes-Monzote F.; Godfray H.C.J.; Griffon M.; Gypmantisiri P.; Haddad L.; Halavatau S.; Herren H.; Holderness M.; Izac A.-M.; Jones M.; Koohafkan P.; Lal R.; Lang T.; McNeely J.; Mueller A.; Nisbett N.; Noble A.; Pingali P.; Pinto Y.; Rabbinge R.; Ravindranath N.H.; Rola A.; Roling N.; Sage C.; Settle W.; Sha J.M.; Shiming L.; Simons T.; Smith P.; Strzepeck K.; Swaine H.; Terry E.; Tomich T.P.; Toulmin C.; Trigo E.; Twomlow S.; Vis J.K.; Wilson J.; Pilgrim S.