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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Carcass characteristics and meat quality of swamp buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) fattened at different feeding intensitiesLambertz C.; Panprasert P.; Holtz W.; Moors E.; Jaturasitha S.; Wicke M.; Gauly M.
2006Increasing the slaughter weight of boars: Effects on performance and pork qualityJaturasitha S.; Pichitpantapong S.; Leangwunta V.; Khiaosa-ard R.; Suppadit T.; Kreuzer M.
2005Effect of calcium chloride concentration multi-level injection on improving beef tenderness from draught cattleLeangwunta V.; Jaturasitha S.; Thirawong P.; Verasilp T.; Ter Meulen U.
2006The effect of gender of finishing pigs slaughtered at 110 kilograms on performance, and carcass and meat qualityJaturasitha S.; Kamopas S.; Suppadit T.; Khiaosa-ard R.; Kreuzer M.
2002Enrichment of pork with omega-3 fatty acids by tuna oil supplements: Effects on performance as well as sensory, nutritional and processing properties of porkJaturasitha S.; Wudthithumkanaporn Y.; Rurksasen P.; Kreuzer M.
2005Effect of the period of feeding tuna oil to fattening pigs on the quality of Chinese-style sausageJaturasitha S.; Khiaosa-ard R.; Chungsiriwat P.; Tubboonmee T.; Kreuzer M.
2008Backfat characteristics of barrows and gilts fed on tuna oil supplemented diets during the growing-finishing periodsJaturasitha S.; Srikanchai T.; Chakeredza S.; Ter Meulen U.; Wicke M.
2007Efficiency of tuna oil to modify meat quality and fatty acid profile in pork as affected by gender and slaughter weightJaturasitha S.; Srikanchai T.; Kreuzer M.
2008Carcass and meat characteristics of male chickens between Thai indigenous compared with improved layer breeds and their crossbredJaturasitha S.; Kayan A.; Wicke M.
2008Differences in carcass and meat characteristics between chicken indigenous to Northern Thailand (Black-Boned and Thai native) and imported extensive breeds (Bresse and Rhode Island Red)Jaturasitha S.; Srikanchai T.; Kreuzer M.; Wicke M.