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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Numerical modeling of the electrohydrodynamic effect to natural convection in vertical channelsKasayapanand N.; Kiatsiriroat T.
2002Gas production from three-lift landfill lysimeter in tropical countryKarnchanawong S.; Sonklin W.; Kladprasert S.; Karnchanawong S.; Brebbia C.A.Martin-Duque J.F.Wadhwa L.C.
2007Effect of anti-solar glass film on heat transfer and mean radiant temperature inside cabin of air-conditioned vehicleSrisilpsophon T.; Tiansuwan J.; Kiatsiriroat T.
2008Energy analysis of wet season rice production in Northern ThailandChaichana T.; Chaitep S.; Jompakdee W.; Dussadee N.
2007Thermal behavior of spiral fin-and-tube heat exchanger having fly ash depositNuntaphan A.; Kiatsiriroat T.
2007Experimental study on heat transfer enhancement in solar air heater by electric fieldKiatsiriroat T.; Jiatrakul W.; Nuntaphan A.
2008Economic dispatch for power generation using artificial neural network ICPE'07 conference in Daegu, KoreaPanta S.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2007Effect of inclination angle on free convection thermal performance of louver finned heat exchangerNuntaphan A.; Vithayasai S.; Kiatsiriroat T.; Wang C.-C.
2008Left ventricular segmentation of cardiac magnetic resonance images using a novel edge following techniqueSomkantha K.; Theera-Umpon N.; Auephanwiriyakul S.
2007Effects of thin adhesive layer and riveted-pitch distance on the stress concentration factor of riveted lap jointsSuwannao J.; Dechwayukul C.; Thongruang W.; Fongsamootr T.