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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Electrostatic evaluation of a unipolar diffusion and field charger of aerosol particles by a corona dischargeIntra P.; Yawootti A.; Tippayawong N.
2013Image analysis of the eruptive positions of third molars and adjacent second molars as indicators of age evaluation in Thai patientsMahasantipiya P.M.; Pramojanee S.; Thaiupathump T.
2013Optimal Li-Ion battery sizing on PEMFC hybrid powertrain using dynamic programmingRurgladdapan J.; Uthaichana K.; Kaewkham-Ai B.
2013Inelastic heat fraction estimation from two successive mechanical and thermal analyses and full-field measurementsPottier T.; Toussaint F.; Louche H.; Vacher P.
2013Nonisothermal thermogravimetric analysis of Thai lignite with high CAO contentPintana P.; Tippayawong N.
2011Automatic Nevirapine concentration interpretation system using support vector regressionAuephanwiriyakul S.; Sumonphan E.; Theera-Umpon N.; Tayapiwatana C.
2011Bone Age Assessment in Young Children Using Automatic Carpal Bone Feature Extraction and Support Vector RegressionSomkantha K.; Theera-Umpon N.; Auephanwiriyakul S.
2003Generation maintenance scheduling for multi-are a system with transmission constraintsWatcharaporn A.; Tayati W.
2009Design and construction of an automated monitoring system for mobile network system error with control chartKonjai N.; Chattinnawat W.
2009Implementation of real time three phase balanced voltage sag generator 1 kVA: Using microcontroller and PC controlBoonmee C.; Kumsuwa Y.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.