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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Modified direct torque control method for induction motor drives based on amplitude and angle control of stator fluxKumsuwan Y.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Toliyat H.A.
2013Control of single-phase cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter with modified MPPT for grid-connected photovoltaic systemsBoonmee C.; Kumsuwan Y.
2013Static series-connected compensator with control of load-side using three single-phase H-bridge invertersDaychosawang K.; Kumsuwan Y.
2008Implementation of shunt active power filter using source voltage and source current detectionKhruathep U.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Kumsuwan Y.
2010A four-leg voltage source inverter fed asymmetrical two-phase induction motor drivesKumsuwan Y.; Srirattanawichaikul W.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Toliyat H.A.
2010A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed asymmetrical two-phase induction motorKumsuwan Y.; Srirattanawichaikul W.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Higuchi K.; Toliyat H.A.
2010A vector control of a grid-connected 3L-NPC-VSC with DFIG drivesSrirattanawichaiku W.; Kumsuwan Y.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Wu B.
2011Voltage sag compensation using two three-phase voltage-fed PWM convertersSillapawicharn Y.; Kumsuwan Y.
2012A fast synchronously rotating reference frame-based voltage sag detection under practical grid voltages for voltage sag compensation systemsKumsuwan Y.; Sillapawicharn Y.
2013Performance enhancement of PMSG systems with control of generator-side converter using d-axis stator current controllerBunjongjit K.; Kumsuwan Y.