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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Influence of plantlet age and different soilless culture on acclimatization of stemona curtisii Hook.fPalee J.; Dheeranupattana S.; Jatisatienr A.; Wangkarn S.; Mungkornasawakul P.; Pyne S.; Ung A.; Sastraruji T.
1-Feb-2012Effects of inorganic nitrogen forms on growth, morphology, nitrogen uptake capacity and nutrient allocation of four tropical aquatic macrophytes (Salvinia cucullata, Ipomoea aquatica, Cyperus involucratus and Vetiveria zizanioides)Jampeetong,A.; Brix,H.; Kantawanichkul,S.
1-Mar-2012Carbazole alkaloids and coumarins from Clausena lansium rootsManeerat,W.; Ritthiwigrom,T.; Cheenpracha,S.; Laphookhieo,S.
1-Jan-2014One hundred and seventy-five new species of Graphidaceae: Closing the gap or a drop in the bucket?Lücking,R.S.; Johnston,M.K.; Aptroot,A.; Kraichak,E.; Lendemer,J.C.; Boonpragob,K.; Cáceres,M.E.S.; Ertz,D.; Ferraro,L.I.; Jia,Z.; Kalb,K.; Mangold,A.; Manoch,L.; Mercado-Díaz,J.A.; Moncada,B.; Mongkolsuk,P.; Papong,K.B.; Parnmen,S.; Peláez,R.N.; Poengsungnoen,V.; Plata,E.R.; Saipunkaew,W.; Sipman,H.J.M.; Sutjaritturakan,J.; Van Den Broeck,D.; Konrat,M.V.; Weerakoon,G.; Lumbsch,T.T.
4-Mar-2015Inhibitory effect of mammea E/BB from Mammea siamensis seed extract on Wilms' tumour 1 protein expression in a K562 leukaemic cell lineRungrojsakul,M.; Saiai,A.; Ampasavate,C.; Anuchapreeda,S.; Okonogi,S.
1-Jan-2014New species of Graphidaceae (Ostropales, Lecanoromycetes) from southern ThailandSutjaritturakan,J.; Saipunkaew,W.; Boonpragob,K.; Kalb,K.
1-Jun-2015Huberantha, a replacement name for Hubera (Annonaceae: Malmeoideae: Miliuseae)Chaowasku T.; Johnson D.; van der Ham R.; Chatrou L.
1-Jan-2014Miliusa pumila (Annonaceae), a new species from S ThailandChaowasku,T.
1-Jan-2014Monoterpene indole alkaloids from the twigs of kopsia arboreaCheenpracha,S.; Raksat,A.; Ritthiwigrom,T.; Laphookhieo,S.
1-Jan-2014Dammarane terpenoids from the fruits of dysoxylum mollissimumTantapakul,C.; Maneerat,W.; Sripisut,T.; Ritthiwigrom,T.; Laphookhieo,S.