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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Effect of ZnO nano-particulate modification on properties of PZT-BLT ceramicsPromsawat,M.; Watcharapasorn,A.; Jiansirisomboon,S.
1-Jan-2012Ferroelectric hysteresis behavior and dielectric properties of 1-3 lead zirconate titanate-cement compositesPotong,R.; Rianyoi,R.; Jaitanong,N.; Yimnirun,R.; Chaipanich,A.
1-Jan-2012Dielectric and ferroelectric hysteresis properties of 1-3 lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate ceramic/Portland cement compositesChaipanich,A.; Potong,R.; Rianyoi,R.; Jareansuk,L.; Jaitanong,N.; Yimnirun,R.
1-Jan-2012Study of strontium ferrites substituted by lanthanum on the structural and magnetic propertiesOnreabroy,W.; Papato,K.; Rujijanagul,G.; Pengpat,K.; Tunkasiri,T.
1-Jan-2012Phase formation and transitions in the lead nickel niobate-lead zirconate titanate systemKhamman,O.; Yimnirun,R.; Sirikulrat,N.; Ananta,S.S.
1-Jan-2012Preparation and dielectric properties of barium iron niobate by molten-salt synthesisTawichai,N.; Sittiyot,W.; Eitssayeam,S.; Pengpat,K.; Tunkasiri,T.; Rujijanagul,G.
1-Dec-2012Structural and physical properties of (1-x)Bi(Zn 1/2Ti 1/ 2)O3-xBa(Fe 1/2Nb 1/2)O3 solid solutionIntatha,U.; Daikarn,K.; Eitssayeam,S.; Satittada,G.
1-Dec-2012Phase formation, dielectric and ferroelectric properties of Mn, Al Doped BCZT ceramics by molten salt methodIntatha U.; Parjansri P.; Pengpat K.; Pengpat K.; Rujijanagul G.; Rujijanagul G.; Tunkasiri T.; Tunkasiri T.; Eitssayeam S.
1-May-2013Dielectric dispersion and impedance spectroscopy of B3+-doped Ba(Ti0.9Sn0.1)O3 ceramicsTawichai,N.; Sutjarittangtham,K.; Tunkasiri,T.; Pengpat,K.; Rujijanagul,G.; Wang,J.
1-Dec-2012Synthesis and characterization of PZT thin films embedded with WO 3 nanoparticles by a hybrid chemical solution routeSreesattabud T.; Gibbons B.; Watcharapasorn A.; Watcharapasorn A.; Jiansirisomboon S.; Jiansirisomboon S.