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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Sintering behavior of the β-alumina solid electrolyte for battery applicationsNiyompan A.; Srisurat K.; Tipakonthitikul R.; Pengpat K.; Tunkasiri T.
2011Acute dermal toxicity and repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity studies of the bioinsecticide from Stemona curtisii Hook. F.Chiranthanut N.; Khonsung P.; Jatisatienr A.; Dheeranupatana S.; Panthong A.
2008Effects of potassium fluoride salt additive on the sintering temperature and dielectric properties of BaFe0.5Nb0.5O3 ceramicsIntatha U.; Sathitada K.; Eitssayeam S.; Pengpat K.; Rujijanagul G.; Thavornyuttakarn P.; Tunkasiri T.
2011Suitable growth conditions and nutrition factors on in vitro culture of Phlebopus portentosus (Boletales)Kumla J.; Danell E.; Bussaban B.; Lumyong S.
2011Analysis of barium-bearing glass doped with chromium oxideWon-in K.; Dutchaneephet J.; Pongkrapan S.; Sirikulrat N.; Dararutana P.
2008Preparation and properties of B2O3-Doped Ba(Zr 0.07Ti0.93)O3 ceramicsJarupoom P.; Rujijanagul G.; Pengpat K.; Tunkasiri T.
2011Antiproliferative activity of berberine from Coscinium fenestratum on NCI-H838 cell lineTungpradit R.; Sinchaikul S.; Phutrakul S.; Wongkham W.; Chen S.-T.
2002Orbital period study of the Algol-type eclipsing binary system TW DraconisQian S.B.; Boonrucksar S.
2001Improvement of PLS calibration for Brix value and dry matter of mango using information from MLR calibrationSaranwong S.; Sornsrivichai J.; Kawano S.
2002High resolution emission spectra of TL materialsVilaithong T.; Wawilairat S.; Rhodes M.; Hoffmann W.; Mesarius T.; Horowitz Y.S.; Oster L.