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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2011Sesquiterpene and xanthone derivatives from the sea fan-derived fungus aspergillus sydowii PSU-F154Trisuwan,K.; Rukachaisirikul,V.; Kaewpet,M.; Phongpaichit,S.; Hutadilok-Towatana,N.; Preedanon,S.; Sakayaroj,J.
1-May-2011Modiolide and pyrone derivatives from the sea fan-derived fungus Curvularia sp. PSU-F22Trisuwan,K.; Rukachaisirikul,V.; Phongpaichit,S.; Preedanon,S.; Sakayaroj,J.
1-Mar-2010Utilization of fly ash with silica fume and properties of Portland cement-fly ash-silica fume concreteNochaiya,T.; Wongkeo,W.; Chaipanich,A.
1-Feb-2010New neolignans and a phenylpropanoid glycoside from twigs of miliusa mollisSawasdee,K.; Chaowasku,T.; Likhitwitayawuid,K.
1-Oct-2012Benzophenone and xanthone derivatives from the inflorescences of Garcinia cowaTrisuwan K.; Ritthiwigrom T.
15-Dec-2012Facile synthesis and anticancer activity of C-10 non-acetal deoxoartemisinin dimersPhothongkam S.; Chancharunee S.; Saovapakhiran A.; Wichai U.; Pohmakotr M.
7-Aug-2013New neolignans and a lignan from Miliusa fragrans, and their anti-herpetic and cytotoxic activitiesSawasdee,K.; Chaowasku,T.; Lipipun,V.; Dufat,T.H.; Michel,S.; Likhitwitayawuid,K.
1-Jan-2014Facile and efficient synthesis of C2-symmetrical 1,3,5-triazine polycarboxylate ligands under microwave irradiationFunfuenha,W.; Phakhodee,W.; Pattarawarapan,M.
15-Dec-2014Biodegradable nanocomposite blown films based on poly(lactic acid) containing silver-loaded kaolinite: A route to controlling moisture barrier property and silver ion release with a prediction of extended shelf life of dried longanGirdthep,S.; Worajittiphon,P.; Molloy,R.; Lumyong,S.; Leejarkpai,T.; Punyodom,W.
4-Mar-2015Inhibitory effect of mammea E/BB from Mammea siamensis seed extract on Wilms' tumour 1 protein expression in a K562 leukaemic cell lineRungrojsakul,M.; Saiai,A.; Ampasavate,C.; Anuchapreeda,S.; Okonogi,S.