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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2010Investigating flow patterns in a channel with complex obstacles using the lattice Boltzmann methodYojina,J.; Ngamsaad,W.; Nuttavut,N.; Triampo,D.; Lenbury,Y.W.; Kanthang,P.; Sriyab,S.; Triampo,W.
17-Nov-2010More realistic model for simulating min protein dynamics: Lattice boltzmann method incorporating the role of nucleoidsYojina,J.; Ngamsaad,W.; Nuttavut,N.; Triampo,D.; Lenbury,Y.W.; Triampo,W.; Kanthang,P.; Sriyab,S.
16-Jun-2010Noor iterations for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spacesNiwongsa,Y.; Panyanak,B.
1-Dec-2012Robust H∞ control of linear systems with interval non-differentiable time-varying delaysEmharuethai C.; Emharuethai C.; Niamsup P.; Niamsup P.
22-Jul-2011Sesquiterpene and xanthone derivatives from the sea fan-derived fungus aspergillus sydowii PSU-F154Trisuwan,K.; Rukachaisirikul,V.; Kaewpet,M.; Phongpaichit,S.; Hutadilok-Towatana,N.; Preedanon,S.; Sakayaroj,J.
1-Sep-2010Generalized derived algebras and generalized induced algebrasPhuapong,S.; Leeratanavalee,S.
1-Dec-2012Influence of plantlet age and different soilless culture on acclimatization of stemona curtisii Hook.fPalee J.; Dheeranupattana S.; Jatisatienr A.; Wangkarn S.; Mungkornasawakul P.; Pyne S.; Ung A.; Sastraruji T.
26-Feb-2010Molecular simulations of ultra-low-energy nitrogen ion bombardment of A-DNA in vacuumNgaojampa,C.; Nimmanpipug,P.; Yu,L.; Anuntalabhochai,S.; Lee,V.S.
1-Mar-2010Utilization of fly ash with silica fume and properties of Portland cement-fly ash-silica fume concreteNochaiya,T.; Wongkeo,W.; Chaipanich,A.
26-Apr-20103D Reconstruction and camera pose from video sequence using multi-dimensional descentChouvatut,V.; Madarasmi,S.; Tüceryan,M.