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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Investigation of neutral monolithic capillary columns with varying n-alkyl chain lengths in capillary electrochromatographyPuangpila,C.; Nhujak,T.; El Rassi,Z.E.
1-Jun-2014Geranylated homogentisic acid derivatives and flavonols from Miliusa umpangensisSawasdee,K.; Chaowasku,T.; Lipipun,V.; Dufat,T.H.; Michel,S.; Jongbunprasert,V.; Likhitwitayawuid,K.
15-Dec-2012Facile synthesis and anticancer activity of C-10 non-acetal deoxoartemisinin dimersPhothongkam S.; Chancharunee S.; Saovapakhiran A.; Wichai U.; Pohmakotr M.
1-Mar-2012Carbazole alkaloids and coumarins from Clausena lansium rootsManeerat,W.; Ritthiwigrom,T.; Cheenpracha,S.; Laphookhieo,S.
7-Aug-2013New neolignans and a lignan from Miliusa fragrans, and their anti-herpetic and cytotoxic activitiesSawasdee,K.; Chaowasku,T.; Lipipun,V.; Dufat,T.H.; Michel,S.; Likhitwitayawuid,K.
1-Jan-2011Theoretical models of separation selectivity for charged compounds in micellar electrokinetic chromatographyPuangpila,C.; Petsom,A.; Nhujak,T.
1-Mar-2012Flow-through immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on hierarchical micro-/macroporous carbon monolithLuangon,B.; Siyasukh,A.; Winayanuwattikun,P.; Tanthapanichakoon,W.; Tonanon,N.
1-Feb-2013Hg2+-induced self-assembly of a naphthalimide derivative by selective turn-on monomer/excimer emissionsWanichacheva,N.; Prapawattanapol,N.; Sanghiran Lee,V.; Grudpan,K.; Petsom,A.
1-Jan-2014Facile and efficient synthesis of C2-symmetrical 1,3,5-triazine polycarboxylate ligands under microwave irradiationFunfuenha,W.; Phakhodee,W.; Pattarawarapan,M.
1-Dec-2014Chemical constituents of the rhizome oils of Etlingera pavieana (Pierre ex Gagnep.) R.M.SmTachai,S.; Wangkarn,S.; Nuntawong,N.