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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Isothermal phase transformation sequence in Fe-22wt%Cr-3.2wt%Mo-6.2wt%Ni-0.037wt%C cast duplex stainless steelKuimalee S.; Pearce J.T.H.; Chairuangsri T.
2011Zinc oxide whiskers by thermal oxidation methodKongjai K.; Choopun S.; Hongsith N.; Gardchareon A.
2011Monodispersity and stability of Gold nanoparticles stabilized by using polyvinyl alcoholPimpang P.; Choopun S.
2011Characterization of nanostructured CdTe synthesized by solid state microwave-plasma processPromnopas W.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.
2011Dielectric properties of lead-free composites from 0-3 barium zirconate titanate-portland cement compositesPotong R.; Rianyoi R.; Chaipanich A.
2011Probability density estimation using two new kernel functionsRodchuen M.; Suwattee P.
2011Sequential injection system with modified glass capillary for automation in immunoassay of chondroitin sulfateKhonyoung S.; Reanpang P.; Kongtawelert P.; Pencharee S.; Jakmunee J.; Grudpan K.; Hartwell S.K.
2011Detection of human IgG on Poly(pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid) thin film by electrochemical-Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopyJanmanee R.; Baba A.; Phanichphant S.; Sriwichai S.; Shinbo K.; Kato K.; Kaneko F.
2011Ferroic hysteresis modelingSrinoi S.; Kanchiang K.; Laosiritaworn W.; Yimnirun R.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2011Optical, dielectric and X-ray absorption properties of soda-based glass fabricated from Thai quartz sands doped with iron oxidePongkrapan S.; Yamban S.; Won-in K.; Dararutana P.; Sirikulrat N.