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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Reduction of reactive oxygen species production and membrane damage during storage of 'Daw' longan fruit by chlorine dioxideChomkitichai W.; Chumyam A.; Rachtanapun P.; Uthaibutra J.; Saengnil K.
2006Effects of moisture content on pumpkin crackers in different packagesRachtanapun P.; Kumsuk N.; Thipo K.; Lorwatcharasupaporn P.
2008Effect of chitosan/methyl cellulose films on microbial and quality characteristics of fresh-cut cantaloupe and pineappleSangsuwan J.; Rattanapanone N.; Rachtanapun P.
2008Effect of solvent plasticization on polypropylene microcellular foaming process and foam characteristicsKaewmesri W.; Rachtanapun P.; Pumchusak J.
2011Effect of carboxymethyl cellulose concentration on physical properties of biodegradable cassava starch-based filmsTongdeesoontorn W.; Mauer L.J.; Wongruong S.; Sriburi P.; Rachtanapun P.
2009Blended films of carboxymethyl cellulose from papaya peel (CMCp) and corn starchRachtanapun P.
2009Effect of antioxidants on properties of rice flour/cassava starch film blends plasticized with sorbitolRachtanapun P.; Tongdeesoontorn W.
2009Factors affecting migration of vanillin from chitosan/methyl cellulose filmsSangsuwan J.; Rattanapanone N.; Auras R.A.; Harte B.R.; Rachtanapun P.
2011Synthesis and characterization of carboxymethyl cellulose powder and films from Mimosa pigraRachtanapun P.; Rattanapanone N.
20121H-NMR analysis of degree of substitution in N,O-carboxymethyl chitosans from various chitosan sources and typesJaidee A.; Rachtanapun P.; Luangkamin S.