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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2015Enhanced production of functional extracellular single chain variable fragment against HIV-1 matrix protein from escherichia coli by sequential simplex optimizationIntachai,K.; Singboottra,P.; Leksawasdi,N.; Kasinrerk,W.; Tayapiwatana,C.; Butr-Indr,B.
1-Jan-2011Campylobacter jejuni incidence, infectiion, and illness in ThailandOsiriphun,S.; Iamtawejaleon,P.; Kooprasertying,P.; Tuitemwon,P.; Erickson,L.E.; Koetsinchai,W.; Tuitemwong,K.
1-Oct-2011Production and properties of two collagenases from bacteria and their application for collagen extractionSuphatharaprateep,W.; Cheirsilp,B.; Jongjareonrak,A.
21-Mar-2012Novel packaging material for mango transportationWongsuriyasak,S.; Srichandr,P.
16-Mar-2015Effective Equine Immunization Protocol for Production of Potent Poly-specific Antisera against Calloselasma rhodostoma, Cryptelytrops albolabris and Daboia siamensisSapsutthipas S.; Leong P.; Akesowan S.; Pratanaphon R.; Tan N.; Ratanabanangkoon K.; Ratanabanangkoon K.
1-Jan-2015β-carotene production by Sporobolomyces pararoseus TISTR5213 using crude glycerol as the sole carbon sourceManowattana,A.; Techapun,C.; Seesuriyachan,P.; Hanmoungjai,P.; Chaiyaso,T.
1-Jul-2011Antimicrobial activity of oligomer and polymer chitosan from different sources against foodborne pathogenic bacteriaSukmark,T.; Rachtanapun,P.; Rachtanapun,C.
1-Oct-2013Comparison study of mango packaging materialsWongsuriyasak,S.; Srichandr,P.
1-Jan-2014Enhancement and optimization of exopolysaccharide production by Weissella confusa TISTR 1498 in pH controlled submerged fermentation under high salinity stressSeesuriyachan,P.; Kuntiya,A.; Chaiyaso,T.; Hanmoungjai,P.; Leksawasdi,N.; Techapun,C.