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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effects of high pressure and thermal processing on phytochemical, color and microbiological qualities of herbal-plant infusionChaikham P.; Worametrachanon S.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2014Effect of encapsulated Lactobacillus casei 01 along with pressurized-purple-rice drinks on colonizing the colon in the digestive modelWorametrachanon S.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Chaikham P.; Van Den Abbeele P.; Van De Wiele T.; Wirjantoro T.I.
2007Combination effects of ultra-high pressure and temperature on the physical and thermal properties of ostrich meat sausage (yor)Supavititpatana T.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2007Effects of hydrocolloid addition and high pressure processing on the rheological properties and microstructure of a commercial ostrich meat product "Yor" (Thai sausage)Chattong U.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Bell A.E.
2008Effect of lactoperoxidase system on keeping quality of raw cow's milk in ThailandDajanta K.; Chukeatirote E.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2008Addition of gelatin enhanced gelation of corn-milk yogurtSupavititpatana P.; Wirjantoro T.I.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Raviyan P.
2009Enhanced aglycone production of fermented soybean products by Bacillus speciesDajanta K.; Chukeatirote E.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Frazier R.A.
2009Dynamic viscoelastic characterisation of ostrich-meat yor (Thai sausage) following pressure, temperature and holding time regimesChattong U.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2011Improvement of thua nao production using protein-rich soybean and Bacillus subtilis TN51 starter cultureDajanta K.; Chukeatirote E.; Apichartsrangkoon A.
2013Activities of free and encapsulated Lactobacillus acidophilus LA5 or Lactobacillus casei 01 in processed longan juices on exposure to simulated gastrointestinal tractChaikham P.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Worametrachanon S.; Supraditareporn W.; Chokiatirote E.; Van der Wiele T.