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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Characterization of the native form and the carboxy-terminally truncated halotolerant form of α-amylases from Bacillus subtilis strain FP-133Takenaka S.; Miyatake A.; Tanaka K.; Kuntiya A.; Techapun C.; Leksawasdi N.; Seesuriyachan P.; Chaiyaso T.; Watanabe M.; Yoshida K.
26-Feb-2015Effects of processing conditions on powder properties of black glutinous rice (Oryza sativa L.) bran anthocyanins produced by spray drying and freeze dryingLaokuldilok T.; Laokuldilok T.; Kanha N.
1-Jan-2015Development of a concentrated strawberry beverage fortified with longan seed extractSriwattana S.; Sriwattana S.; Phimolsiripol Y.; Pongsirikul I.; Pongsirikul I.; Utama-ang N.; Utama-ang N.; Surawang S.; Surawang S.; Decharatanangkoon S.; Chindaluang Y.; Senapa J.; Senapa J.; Wattanatchariya W.; Angeli S.; Thakeow P.
1-Jan-2015Application of vacuum cooling technology and active packaging to improve the quality of Chinese kalePoonlarp P.; Poonlarp P.; Boonyakiat D.; Boonyakiat D.
1-Jan-2015Extraction and functional properties of protein from de-oiled rice branJongjareonrak A.; Jongjareonrak A.; Srikok K.; Leksawasdi N.; Andreotti C.
1-Jan-2015Prediction of antioxidant capacity of Thai indigenous plant extracts by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyPrommajak T.; Kim S.; Pan C.; Kim S.; Surawang S.; Rattanapanone N.; Rattanapanone N.
1-Jan-2015Effect of fruit size and processing time on vacuum impregnation parameters of cantaloupe and applePhianmongkhol A.; Rongkom H.; Wirjantoro T.
16-Mar-2015Effective Equine Immunization Protocol for Production of Potent Poly-specific Antisera against Calloselasma rhodostoma, Cryptelytrops albolabris and Daboia siamensisSapsutthipas S.; Leong P.; Akesowan S.; Pratanaphon R.; Tan N.; Ratanabanangkoon K.; Ratanabanangkoon K.
1-Jan-2015Oil-in-Water Emulsion Exhibits Bitterness-Suppressing Effects in a Sensory Threshold StudyTorrico D.; Sae-Eaw A.; Sriwattana S.; Boeneke C.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
1-Jan-2015Microbial survival and sensory properties of intermediate-moisture apple and cantaloupe impregnated with Lactobacillus acidophilus during storageRongkom H.; Phianmongkhol A.; Wirjantoro T.
1-Jan-2015Lactobacillus enriched intermediate-moisture fruit productsWirjantoro T.; Phianmongkhol A.; Rongkom H.
1-Jan-2015β-carotene production by Sporobolomyces pararoseus TISTR5213 using crude glycerol as the sole carbon sourceManowattana,A.; Techapun,C.; Seesuriyachan,P.; Hanmoungjai,P.; Chaiyaso,T.
1-Jan-2013Optimization of extraction and microencapsulation of bioactive compounds from red grape (Vitis vinifera L.) pomaceBoonchu,T.; Utama-ang,N.
1-Jan-2015Development of active chitosan films incorporating potassium sorbate or vanillin to extend the shelf life of butter cakeSangsuwan,J.; Rattanapanone,N.; Pongsirikul,I.
1-Jan-2014Effect of extraction and concentration processes on properties of longan syrupSurin,S.; Thakeow,P.; Seesuriyachan,P.; Angeli,S.; Phimolsiripol,Y.
1-Jan-2012Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) drying: an optimization approach using microwave-vacuum dryingHirun,S.; Utama-ang,N.; Roach,P.D.
1-Jan-2014High efficacy bioconversion of starch to lactic acid using an amylolytic lactic acid bacterium isolated from Thai indigenous fermented rice noodlesKanpiengjai,A.; Rieantrakoonchai,W.; Pratanaphon,R.; Pathom-Aree,W.; Lumyong,S.; Khanongnuch,C.
1-Jan-2014Production of xylooligosaccharides from corncob using a crude thermostable endo-xylanase from Streptomyces thermovulgaris TISTR1948 and prebiotic propertiesBoonchuay,P.; Techapun,C.; Seesuriyachan,P.; Chaiyaso,T.
1-Jan-2014Protease treatment for the stabilization of rice bran: Effects on lipase activity, antioxidants, and lipid stabilityLaokuldilok,T.; Rattanathanan,Y.
1-Dec-2014Enhancement of the antioxidant defense system of post-harvested 'Daw' longan fruit by chlorine dioxide fumigationChomkitichai,W.; Faiyue,B.; Rachtanapun,P.; Uthaibutra,J.; Saengnil,K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 194