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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The effectiveness of "Knowledge Management System" in research mentoring using knowledge engineeringSriwichai P.; Meksamoot K.; Chakpitak N.; Dahal K.; Jengjalean A.
2013Clustering the clusters - Knowledge enhancing tool for diagnosing elderly falling riskRueangsirarak W.; Atkins A.S.; Sharp B.; Chakpitak N.; Meksamoot K.; Pothongsunun P.
2014Constructionism and error analysis to understand and improve written english composition of thai software engineering studentsSaeheaw T.; Meksamoot K.; Chakpitak N.; Sipitakiat A.; Adipattaranan N.
2007Knowledge management system architecture for the industry clusterSureephong P.; Chakpitak N.; Ouzrout Y.; Neubert G.; Bouras A.
2014Improving the performance of locally recruited Thai employees in a German software companyMantalay N.; Chakpitak N.
2011Enhancing expert contribution in university business incubation: Case study of college of arts, media and technology new product development projectNimmolrat A.; Chakpitak N.; Savino M.M.
2007Dynamic adjustment of age distribution in human resource management by genetic algorithmsHarnpornchai N.; Chakpitak N.; Chandarasupsang T.; Chaikijkosi T.-A.; Dahal K.
2012Knowledge engineering approach for power transformer asset managementBhandari S.S.; Chakpitak N.; Meksamoot K.; Chandarasupsang T.
2013Improving intellectual capital model using analytic network processWudhikarn R.; Chakpitak N.; Yodmongkol P.
2007Knowledge engineering technique for cluster developmentSureephong P.; Chakpitak N.; Ouzroute Y.; Neubert G.; Bouras A.