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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Changes in peel color and cuticle components of mango skin affected by temperature treatment after harvestMotomura Y.; Nishizawa T.; Kumpoun W.; Abdullah H.Latifah M.N.
2014Nitrogen doping for adhesion improvement of DLC film deposited on Si substrate by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) techniqueBootkul D.; Supsermpol B.; Saenphinit N.; Aramwit C.; Intarasiri S.
2009Cathodic stripping voltammetric procedure for determination of some inorganic arsenic species in water, soil and ores samplesJunsomboon J.; Sooksamiti P.; Grudpan K.; Lapanantnoppakhun S.; Thavornyuthikarn P.; Jakmunee J.
2011Characterization of Thai amulets: A PIXE studyKrit W.-I.; Suksawang S.; Intarasiri S.; Thongleurm C.; Kamwanna T.; Dararutana P.
-Fabrication of a negative PMMA master mold for soft-lithography by MeV ion beam lithographyPuttaraksa N.; Unai S.; Rhodes M.W.; Singkarat K.; Whitlow H.J.; Singkarat S.
2010Harmonic analysis of dynamic hysteresis response of BaTiO3 bulk ceramicsKanchiang K.; Yimnirun R.; Wongdamnern N.; Ngamjarurojana A.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2013Biochemical and antibacterial properties of Thai medicine herbal infusionsChunthanom P.; Chaikham P.; Intaket R.
2014Synthesis of Ti-doped DLC film on SS304 steels by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technique for tribological improvementBootkul D.; Saenphinit N.; Supsermpol B.; Aramwit C.; Intarasiri S.
2013Synthesis and characterization of filtered-cathodic-vacuum-arc-deposited TiO2 films for photovoltaic applicationsAramwit C.; Intarasiri S.; Bootkul D.; Tippawan U.; Supsermpol B.; Seanphinit N.; Ruangkul W.; Yu L.D.
2009Microscopic origins of the induced X(2) in thermally poled phosphate glassesThamboon P.; Krol D.M.