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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Forecasting using belief functions: An application to marketing econometricsKanjanatarakul O.; Sriboonchitta S.; Denoeux T.
2014How to fully represent expert information about imprecise properties in a computer system: random sets, fuzzy sets, and beyond: an overviewNguyen H.T.; Kreinovich V.
2014Factors affecting hospital stay involving drunk driving and non-drunk driving in Phuket, ThailandSirisrisakulchai J.; Sriboonchitta S.
2014Vine copulas as a way to describe and analyze multi-variate dependence in econometrics: Computational motivation and comparison with Bayesian networks and fuzzy approachesSriboonchitta S.; Liu J.; Kreinovich V.; Nguyen H.T.
2014Modeling dependence of accident-related outcomes using pair copula constructions for discrete dataSirisrisakulchai J.; Sriboonchitta S.
2014How to detect linear dependence on the copula level?Kreinovich V.; Nguyen H.T.; Sriboonchitta S.
2014The effectiveness of "Knowledge Management System" in research mentoring using knowledge engineeringSriwichai P.; Meksamoot K.; Chakpitak N.; Dahal K.; Jengjalean A.
2010The impacts of farmer cooperatives on the weil-being of cocoa producing villages in C?te d'Ivoire and GhanaCalkins P.; Ngo A.-T.
2009Volatility spillovers between crude oil futures returns and oil company stock returnsTansuchat R.; McAleer M.; Chang C.
2013Analysis of volatility and dependence between the tourist arrivals from China to Thailand and Singapore: A copula-based GARCH approachLiu J.; Sriboonchitta S.