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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Genetic structure of khon mueang populations along a historical yuan migration route in northern thailandKutanan W.; Kampuansai J.; Nakbunlung S.; Lertvicha P.; Seielstad M.; Bertorelle G.; Kangwanpong D.
2012Lifestyles and consumption in cities and the links with health and well-being: The case of obesityLebel L.; Krittasudthacheewa C.; Salamanca A.; Sriyasak P.
2009"Making of community" in a commercialized community in Northern ThailandRakyutidharm A.
2005Transitions to sustainability in production-consumption systemsLebel L.
2011Genetic structure of the Mon-Khmer speaking groups and their affinity to the neighbouring Tai populations in Northern ThailandKutanan W.; Kampuansai J.; Fuselli S.; Nakbunlung S.; Seielstad M.; Bertorelle G.; Kangwanpong D.
2013Enclosing Ethnic Minorities and Forests in the Golden Economic QuadrangleSturgeon J.C.; Menzies N.K.; Fujita Lagerqvist Y.; Thomas D.; Ekasingh B.; Lebel L.; Phanvilay K.; Thongmanivong S.
2002Industrial transformation and shrimp aquaculture in Thailand and Vietnam: Pathways to ecological, social, and economic sustainability?Lebel L.; Nguyen H.T.; Saengnoree A.; Pasong S.; Buatama U.; Le K.T.
2010Using radar data to extend the lead time of neural network forecasting on the river PingTawee C.; Linda S.M.; Pauline K.E.
2010Sustainability experiments in Asia: Innovations shaping alternative development pathways?Berkhout F.; Verbong G.; Wieczorek A.J.; Raven R.; Lebel L.; Bai X.
2009Women farm fish: Gender and commercial fish cage culture on the upper Ping River, Northern ThailandLebel P.; Chaibu P.; Lebel L.