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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113-O-(E)-p-coumaroyl tormentic acid from Eriobotrya japonica leaves induces caspase-dependent apoptotic cell death in human leukemia cell lineKikuchi T.; Akazawa H.; Tabata K.; Manosroi A.; Manosroi J.; Suzuki T.; Akihisa T.
1-May-2013A 3-phase 4-leg 4-wire voltage sag compensator based on three dimensional space vector modulation in abc coordinatesKosol Oranpiroj; Worrajak Maungjai; Wichan Jantee; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Chem V. Nayar
31-Aug-20153-phase 4-wire hybrid calculation - Analysis method for clustering power systems philosophyParamet Wirasanti; Egon Ortjohann
22-Oct-2009The 3-phase 4-wire voltage sag generator based on abc algorithmK. Oranpiroj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; M. Ngoudech; W. Mungjai; K. Yingkayan; T. Boonsai
1-Dec-2009The 3-phase 4-wire voltage sag generator based on three dimensions space vector modulation in abc coordinatesK. Oranpiroj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; M. Ngoudech; W. Muangjai; K. Yingkayun; T. Boonsai
3-Nov-2017A 3-phase threshold algorithm for smartphone-based fall detectionTheepop Chaitep; Jakarin Chawachat
2010A 3-year follow-up of antibody response in HIV-infected children with immune recovery vaccinated with inactivated Japanese encephalitis vaccinePuthanakit T.; Aurpibul L.; Yoksan S.; Sirisanthana T.; Sirisanthana Virat V.
2012A 3-year-old boy with kyphosis, back mass and weaknessOberdorfer P.; Kongthavonsakul K.; Lochungvu H.P.
6-Aug-2013A 39-kDa capsular protein is a major cross-protection factor as demonstrated by protection of chickens with a live attenuated Pasteurella multocida strain of P-1059Nattawooti Sthitmatee; Terdsak Yano; Kannikar Na Lampang; Chaisuree Suphavilai; Yasushi Kataoka; Takuo Sawada
20133?-R/S-Hydroxyvoacamine, a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor from Tabernaemontana divaricataChaiyana W.; Schripsema J.; Ingkaninan K.; Okonogi S.
43D CAD/reverse engineering technique for assessment of Thai morphology: Proximal femur and acetabulumChantarapanich N.; Rojanasthien S.; Chernchujit B.; Mahaisavariya B.; Karunratanakul K.; Chalermkarnnon P.; Glunrawd C.; Sitthiseripratip K.
1-Jul-20173D CAD/reverse engineering technique for assessment of Thai morphology: Proximal femur and acetabulumNattapon Chantarapanich; Sattaya Rojanasthien; Bancha Chernchujit; Banchong Mahaisavariya; Kavin Karunratanakul; Prasert Chalermkarnnon; Chinnawit Glunrawd; Kriskrai Sitthiseripratip
3-Feb-20143D energy framework strategy by balanced scorecardR. Roadprasert; T. Chandarasupsang; N. Chakpitak; P. P. Yupain
1-Mar-20133D face and motion estimation from sparse points using adaptive bracketed minimizationChouvatut,V.; Madarasmi,S.; Tüceryan,M.
1-Nov-20113D face and motion from feature points using adaptive constrained minimaChouvatut,V.; Madarasmi,S.; Tucerya,M.
20103D missing point estimation using fuzzy support vector regressionWinaipanich S.; Auephanwiriyakul S.; Theera-Umpon N.
1-Jan-20173D modeling of keloid scars in vitro by cell and tissue engineeringSuttho D.; Mankhetkorn S.; Binda D.; Pazart L.; Humbert P.; Rolin G.
1-Jan-20173D modeling of keloid scars in vitro by cell and tissue engineeringDutsadee Suttho; Samlee Mankhetkorn; Delphine Binda; Lionel Pazart; Philippe Humbert; Gwena�l Rolin
26-Apr-20103D Reconstruction and camera pose from video sequence using multi-dimensional descentChouvatut,V.; Madarasmi,S.; Tüceryan,M.
1-Apr-20183D seismic investigation of the structural and stratigraphic characteristics of the Pagasa Wedge, Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines, and their tectonic implicationsKimberly A. Ilao; Christopher K. Morley; Mario A. Aurelio