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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Micropsalliota brunneosquamata, a new species from ThailandJie Chen; Kevin D. Hyde; Ali H. Bahkali; Rui-Lin Zhao
1-Aug-2022MicroRNA-223 Suppresses Human Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation Partly via Regulating the Actin Cytoskeleton and Alleviates Fibrosis in Organoid Models of Liver InjuryChaiyaboot Ariyachet; Nattaya Chuaypen; Pornchai Kaewsapsak; Naphat Chantaravisoot; Depicha Jindatip; Saranyapin Potikanond; Pisit Tangkijvanich
1-Oct-2015Microsatellite DYS385 polymorphism among the tai and mon-Khmer speaking populations of Northern ThailandJatupol Kampuansai; Siriwadee Chomdej
1-Sep-2018Microsatellite genotyping and molecular screening of pea (Pisum sativum L.) germplasm with high-resolution melting analysis for resistance to powdery mildewIoannis Ganopoulos; Photini Mylona; Ifigeneia Mellidou; Apostolos Kalivas; Irini Bosmali; Styliani Kontzidou; Maslin Osathanunkul; Panagiotis Madesis
1-Feb-2022Microsatellite Polymorphism and the Population Structure of Dugongs (Dugong dugon) in ThailandAnocha Poommouang; Promporn Piboon; Kittisak Buddhachat; Janine L. Brown; Wannapimol Kriangwanich; Siriwadee Chomdej; Jatupol Kampuansai; Supamit Mekchay; Patcharaporn Kaewmong; Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong; Korakot Nganvongpanit
2007Microscopic anatomy and chemical components of normal and chilling injured longan fruit pericarps = จุลกายวิภาคและองค์ประกอบทางเคมีของเปลือกผลลำไยปกติและที่เกิดอาการสะท้านหนาว / Somkit JaitrongSomkit Jaitrong
6-Jul-2009Microscopic origins of the induced X<sup>(2)</sup>in thermally poled phosphate glassesP. Thamboon; D. M. Krol
1-Jan-2018Microscopy and microanalysis of zinc-magnesium alloys related to their microhardness and electrochemical behavior in koh solutionSankum Nusen; Sunsanee Komboonchoo; Noppadol Yottawee; Torranin Chairuangsri
15-Feb-2008Microscopy and strength of borosilicate glass-to-Kovar alloy jointsC. Chanmuang; M. Naksata; T. Chairuangsri; H. Jain; C. E. Lyman
1-Jan-2020Microscopy investigation of platinum ternary alloy catalysts on n-doped reduced graphene oxide supporter for direct ethanol fuel cell (Defc)Naruephon Mahamai; Thapanee Sarakonsri
1-Jun-2020Microstructural analysis of sheared polydisperse polyhedral grainsDavid Cantor; Emilien Azéma; Itthichai Preechawuttipong
1-Sep-2005Microstructural and crystallographical study of carbides in 30wt.%Cr cast ironsA. Wiengmoon; T. Chairuangsri; A. Brown; R. Brydson; D. V. Edmonds; J. T.H. Pearce
1-Jan-2017Microstructural and mechanical development of As-cast and heat-treated 935AgCu alloysS. Sakultanchareonchai; T. Chairuangsri; S. Imurai; E. Nisaratanaporn
1-Aug-2017Microstructural design and properties of PMNT crystal-embedded barium calcium zirconate titanate ceramicsPiyaporn Jaimeewong; Zenghui Liu; Xiaotong Wang; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon; Zuo Guang Ye; Anucha Watcharapasorn
15-Jun-2020Microstructural evolution and nanoindentation of NiCrMoAl alloy coating deposited by arc sprayingP. Daram; P. R. Munroe; C. Banjongprasert
1-Apr-2010Microstructural, physical, and thermal analyses of Portland cement-fly ash-calcium hydroxide blended pastesT. Nochaiya; W. Wongkeo; K. Pimraksa; A. Chaipanich
1-Dec-2008Microstructure and characterizations of portland-bottom ash-silica fume cement pastesW. Wongkeo; W. Thawornson; A. Chaipanich
1-Dec-2008Microstructure and characterizations of portland-carbon nanotubes pastesT. Nochaiya; P. Tolkidtikul; P. Singjai; A. Chaipanich
1-Mar-2015Microstructure and dielectric properties of (1-x)SrFe<inf>0.5</inf>Nb<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-xBaTiO<inf>3</inf>ceramicsThanatep Phatungthane; Gobwute Rujijanagul
1-Jan-2020Microstructure and dielectric properties of 0-3 connectivity lead-free BCTS-Portland cement compositesRuamporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Arnon Chaipanich