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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Overview of livestock biogas technology development and implementation in ThailandP. Aggarangsi; N. Tippayawong; J. C. Moran; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Jan-2005Overview of new techniques for drying biological materials with emphasis on energy aspectsG. S.V. Raghavan; T. J. Rennie; P. S. Sunjka; V. Orsat; W. Phaphuangwittayakul; P. Terdtoon
1-Oct-2013An overview of regional experiments on biomass burning aerosols and related pollutants in Southeast Asia: From BASE-ASIA and the Dongsha Experiment to 7-SEASNeng Huei Lin; Si Chee Tsay; Hal B. Maring; Ming Cheng Yen; Guey Rong Sheu; Sheng Hsiang Wang; Kai Hsien Chi; Ming Tung Chuang; Chang Feng Ou-Yang; Joshua S. Fu; Jeffrey S. Reid; Chung Te Lee; Lin Chi Wang; Jia Lin Wang; Christina N. Hsu; Andrew M. Sayer; Brent N. Holben; Yu Chi Chu; Xuan Anh Nguyen; Khajornsak Sopajaree; Shui Jen Chen; Man Ting Cheng; Ben Jei Tsuang; Chuen Jinn Tsai; Chi Ming Peng; Russell C. Schnell; Tom Conway; Chang Tang Chang; Kuen Song Lin; Ying I. Tsai; Wen Jhy Lee; Shuenn Chin Chang; Jyh Jian Liu; Wei Li Chiang; Shih Jen Huang; Tang Huang Lin; Gin Rong Liu
25-Mar-2019An overview of solar/visible light-driven heterogeneous photocatalysis for water purification: TiO<inf>2</inf>- and ZnO-based photocatalysts used in suspension photoreactorsKhatcharin Wetchakun; Natda Wetchakun; Sumet Sakulsermsuk
1-Sep-2008An overview of some issues relating to the accreditation processRaymond Greenlaw
2016Overview of the Past and Future G&G Activities in the Pattani Trough, Gulf of ThailandMasashi Fujiwara; Neil Smith
1-Apr-2011An overview of unipolar charger developments for nanoparticle chargingPanich Intra; Nakorn Tippayawong
1-Jan-2014Overview on space nuclear systemsCarlos O. Maidana
1-Jan-2016Overweight/Obesity, eating behaviors and behavioral problems among school-age childrenArunrat Charoenarparasmee; Orawan Louthrenoo; Kulnipa Kittisakmontri
1-Jan-2018Ovulation rate, metabolite and hormonal profiles of ewes in low body condition stimulated with high-energy diet during the late-luteal phase of the estrous cycleT. Moonmanee; S. Yammuen-Art; S. Mekchay; C. Navanukraw
1-Jan-2016Oxidation behavior of 30wt.%Cr-3.75wt.%V high chromium cast ironAmporn Wiengmoon; Jeerapat Nakpratum; Torranin Chairuangsri; John T H Pearce
2003Oxidation reaction of primary alcohols employing hydrogen peroxide solution / Anongnuch TianwiboonAnongnuch Tianwiboon
14-Sep-2017Oxidative stress in oral diseases: Understanding its relation with other systemic diseasesJaya Kumar; Seong Lin Teoh; Srijit Das; Pasuk Mahakknaukrauh
1-Jan-2018Oxotitanium-porphyrin for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH<inf>3</inf>: A theoretical mechanism studyRathawat Daengngern; Phornphimon Maitarad; Liyi Shi; Dengsong Zhang; Nawee Kungwan; Vinich Promarak; Jittima Meeprasert; Supawadee Namuangruk
1-Feb-2006Oxygen isotope studies on placer sapphire and ruby in the Chanthaburi-Trat alkali basaltic gemfield, ThailandTzen Fu Yui; Chao Ming Wu; Phisit Limtrakun; Weerapan Sricharn; Apichet Boonsoong
1-May-2009Oxygen stress in Salvinia natans: Interactive effects of oxygen availability and nitrogen sourceArunothai Jampeetong; Hans Brix
25-Jun-2014Oxygenated xanthones and biflavanoids from the twigs of Garcinia xanthochymusKongkiat Trisuwan; Sirada Boonyaketgoson; Vatcharin Rukachaisirikul; Souwalak Phongpaichit
1-Jan-2012Oxynema, a new genus separated from the genus Phormidium (Cyanophyta)Thomrat Chatchawan; Jiří Komárek; Otakar Strunecký; Jan Šmarda; Yuwadee Peerapornpisal
2008Ozone application for controlling seed-borne pathogen and insect in Khao Dawk Mali 105 rice variety = การประยุกต์ใช้โอโซนเพื่อควบคุมเชื้อสาเหตุโรคและแมลงที่ติดมากับเมล็ดพันธุ์ข้าวขาวดอกมะลิ 105 / Nattawut NiyomkamNattawut Niyomkam
30-Jun-2015Ozone microbubbles disinfection technique to inactivate penicillium digitatum in suspensionA. Chuajedton; N. Nuanaon; J. Uthaibutra; K. Whangchai